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Author: Alisa Valdes Series: (Kindred #1) Published: April 24th 2012...

Author: Alisa Valdes
Series: (Kindred #1)
Published: April 24th 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

You know self, it’s not the book’s fault so don’t blame it. The book implies that this is going to be another instant love kind of story. The summary gave you a sort of warning: she is instantly attracted to him. Instantly being the operative word. You hate insta-love and yet you still read it, now whose fault is it?

I’m talking to myself…this is not good. This is what happens when I write a review in the midst of a migraine. But I don’t want to put it on hold because I tend to lose what I originally wanted to say. And I want to write my thoughts on every book I read.

Now, where was I? Ah, the insta-love. It’s the most instantaneous attraction I have ever read. So if you hate this kind of development then I warn you to stay far, far away. But if you don’t mind then go for it! But I can guarantee you, that is only the beginning.

Let’s pretend that I’m fully ok with them falling head over heels so suddenly. But their first meeting was distasteful, especially the girl, Shane. She got into an accident and almost dying and then guy, Travis popped out of nowhere and saved her. You see, no matter how freakishly good-looking the guy, you don’t gawk at him and describe his facial feature at that very moment. You’re about to die. Doesn’t she have to think things like…I don’t know, her mother? her friends? her boyfriend? or herself?

But wait a minute there’s an explanation why they are oh so ridiculously attracted to each other. They’re soulmates—kindreds. This is not spoiler anymore since the summary already said this information: Travis is dead, he’s a ghost. But here’s a spoiler: technically he’s a revenant. And if you’re thinking Die For Me, not quite. Let just say he’s under consideration, he did some bad thing while he was alive so for him to be permitted to enter the afterworld, he must do good deeds here on earth. This is like a second chance for people like him. The unique part of his situation (and probably what makes it different from other ghost stories) is that he has a human body by day and everything is functioning like normal. By night he’s in ghostly form.

The good thing about this book was that it didn’t beat around the bush. Travis is very honest to Shane of what he was. And I liked Travis for that. Shane however pissed the living daylights out of me. She was ogling at the guy all the time. And after like a few days (or I think it was just a day) she realized that she was not in love with her boyfriend anymore. To say she love him so easily made think if she did really like the guy. I hate that just to prove that they’re not meant for each, it demonized Logan’s (the ex) character.  And that’s not all, I hate how desperate she was, begging to be kissed even though the guy said no. Ang kulit mo ‘te?! P.P

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to read the second book. The revenants, afterworld and even the kindred part were good, only it was overshadowed by Victor’s shallow motivations. What a shame. x.x

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