How should I summarize the month? Oh, maybe the word “quarantine” rings a bell? We’re in third week of city lockdown, and honestly it’s a bit worrying that our govt is not working as fast as they should be. It’s kinda upsetting to see how lax they respond when it’s literally a matter of life and death. I can’t help but sigh to all of these. I can’t offer much but I’m with the people asking for more from the govt. We deserve appropriate emergency response This isn’t about political affiliation, it’s about people’s lives are at risk.

My twitter feed is full of political rants nowadays. I want to channel out this anger so I vent so much on twitter, although I’m also active in my other public account (which mostly are just RTs of design and illustrations). I know everyone is praying so hard for this thing to be over. Let’s pray everyday for things to get better. I know God will bring the light we need right now. I eagerly await for that day, for now let’s stay at home.

Blogging in March: Anxiety and the need for an outlet. Pondering about other endeavours?

So my blog turned into something else. This is my way to release all these thoughts inside my head. It’s kinda hard to contain anymore so I ended up writing them down; my catharsis! Even though I have plans for March (before the whole lock-down, I was pretty optimistic), I push them back for later. So yeah, here they are:

❶i’m vibin’ in pink, chic nerdette & the ultimate romance genre fangirl! and that’s all me!!  ❷ tranquility in time of corona. finding normalcy in these trying times. ❸ anxiety et al. what do you guys do to keep your mental health in check?

Reading in March: Reading more than ever, coping with the times by more interesting stories!

more time for reading

Of course, since we’re on lock-down I ended up reading handful of new series. Still have an overwhelming webtoons TBR, so I tackled them now that I have time. I also read a bunch of one-shots, mostly are Harlequin’s manga adaptation (that I’ve decided not to list anymore, ‘coz I didn’t list them down actually). Even though I have webtoons & manga to read, I was still distracted somehow. But I’m trying to prevent myself from overthinking so I’m thankful for these stories!

  1. 15-sai, Kyou kara Dousei Hajimemasucohabitation between two childhood friends, with a guy liking her ever since, while she realizes this from his advances. It’s ok-ish!
  2. 19th End Century Memorandum | 19세기말 비망록 – such an elegant art and I love the whole creepy/mysterious vibes the male lead he nice or is he not? Can’t wait for more!
  3. Amina of the Lamp | 램프의 아미나 – girl trap inside a lamp and became sort of genie that grant wishes to people awaken her. Pretty solid idea, but not really that remarkable execution wise.
  4. As You Wish, Prince | 황자, 네 무엇이 되고 싶으냐 – the villain abducted the writer for ruining his life and brought her to their world she created herself. And all sorts of things happened. Yes, including the romance between the two!
  5. Imouto ni Fiancé wo Yuzure to Iwaremashita, Saikyou no Ryuu ni Kiniirarete Masakano Okoku Nottori? | – Such a mouthful title. Basically she, yes, she gave up her title as the fiancee of the prince, and decided to sacrifice herself to the mouth of volcano but ended up with a dragon. So yeah…not that interesting despite the plot.
  6. IRIS – Lady with a Smartphone | 아이리스 – 스마트 폰을 가진 레이디 – I’m only like 20 chapters in, and my interest keeps on slipping off. I couldn’t stop it, maybe there’s something to look forward too (felt the same with Dr. Elise and I ended up loving it.) Holding off my final judgement for now.
  7. White Deer Ingrid! | 흰 사슴 잉그리드 – I like how manipulative the woman is with her all perfect and sweet reputation, which is the exact opposite of the guy she was pinning for! I enjoy the interactions ‘cos as of now I’m not sure if the girl really likes him or just her ticket to freedom, and the guy well, he’s pissed off from the manipulations. We’ll see, we’ll see.
  8. Kaerenai Yoru…Kiken na Joushi to Love Hotel!? | – smutty romance about colleagues who turned out to be the guy’s long time crush. When I say smut, I mean yeah smut. But I’m all for any kind of distraction nowadays.
  9. Love at First Sight – I couldn’t find the KR version of this, but it’s on Mangatoon (which has very questionable translations sometimes) from a lost phone to being in a relationship while drunk. All the wild antics of a trope-y high school romance.
  10. Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Konyakusha | – the crown prince makes the girls faint by his presence, like literally! And the only one who can withstand it is our FMC. So he asked her to be his fiancee! And we all know what might happen to all this pretending *wiggle eyebrows*
  11. Kouteitsuki Nyokan wa Hanayome Toshite Nozomare Naka | – another pretend relationship, although it’s not as interesting as Niwaka Reijou, but it was OK. I love the art I guess!

Life in March: More plans, and slowly trying to make some things from my to-do list (things that I can work out while in isolation).

staying indoors
  • Well, we’re in lockdown. It started last March 16, and it’s supposed to end after a month but there’s a high chance that it won’t end just yet. So I’m sure my blog won’t return to normal, though I’ll be sharing personal things instead (no, not ones I came up recently). Maybe my coping mechanism, ‘cos my anxiety needs it to calm down.
  • Speaking of, this health crisis situation ain’t good for my mental health. I have undiagnosed anxiety disorder. I’m getting heartburn for more than a week now. I was taking meds last week, it finally subsided as of writing, though I’m still getting sharp pain & gas after eating but my chest feel a little lighter. I pray it’ll continue that way.
  • Instead of watching Netflix (as most people endorsed to do in this quarantine), I ended doing something offline. Imma start layout of my planner and journal (yes, I bought two even though I’m very lazy! I also done some digi illustrations. Even though they look totally weird, I’m planning to polish whenever have a time. Also I tweaked my portfolio (donning w/ temporary domain name). I plan to use my own illustration for my portfolio. So expect some more changes and some additional work (aside from web designs). I actually like the design so I don’t plan to create a complete overhaul.

Looking Forward to April: We are all praying for better days, that’s all i can pray and hope for in this difficult time!

praying for everyone
  • My usual spiel for April is the incoming heat that the dry season will bring but now, all I hope and pray—and I think most people do—is for things to get better. I hope everyone is safe inside their houses. It’s our reality for now, I’m trying to be positive, though it’s kinda hard as hypochondriac + anxiety, but my faith keeps me intact. Hope and faith, and of course preventive measure, as we sail these trying times. Keep the faith guys, believe things will be better!
  • My nephew will turn one but because we’re on lockdown maybe we will just do some online thingie party? I’m not sure. While my youngest sister’s b-day is supposed to be after the lockdown. But because we’re also not sure if they will extend it, we don’t really have a plan. Though the reality is it won’t be over after the lockdown (too soon + govt insufficient response) so maybe we will just sing happy birthday, I guess.
  • I might do some personal posts in April. Not so much about my cathartic types, more on my other hobbies I guess. I’ve been checking some new things to keep me preoccupied. Let’s see, I haven’t ironed the details yet. I also pondering of getting YT channel BUT!!! hide face, focus more on my hobbies, and no talking as well! So yeah…it’s an idea I’ve been thinking recently but I’m like 10% convinced. So we will see.
God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. —Psalm 46:1-2