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The thing about reading manga & watching anime is how...


The thing about reading manga & watching anime is how they make what seems to be at first simple but can be a lot more interesting and complicated. They set the bar high so to speak. Like for example, toys can be used as weapon, or what might consider by some such a meek task can be an explosive kind of event. I’m always fascinated with how they play on ideas very differently, something that even I couldn’t imagine (but then again my imagination is not on par with those genius mangakas). And so I decided to make homage to characters and their equally awesome professions.

Doing your job whatever it might be is something already commendable. It doesn’t have to be fancy, super high paying job to get the respect that each workers deserve. In the grand scheme of things, each one of us has role to do in this society. So yeah, I believe each profession should be celebrated and appreciated! Thank you for doing you jobs!

kazuma-azumaAzuma Kazuma (Yakitate Japan!) – Bread Artisan

Azuma Kazuma is gifted bread artisan. But we’re not talking about a simple baking of delicious baked goodies; Azuma had an impressive goal that he wanted to achieve: that was to be able to produce specific bread that will represent Japan that he can introduce to the world. In country like Japan where the staple food is rice, it was a big hurdle to conquer. But our boy didn’t lose hope on his dream to create *Ja-Pan!

*It’s a pun, Pan (パン) is Japanese word for bread.

hakuouHakuou Kanzawa (Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri ) – Butler

Kanzawa is not just simple teenager; he is heir of the Kanazawa Group. But instead of polishing his way to being the leader of their conglomerate, he decided to hone his skills as a butler. Serving his lady to the best of his ability! And mind you he is quite superb!

lagLag Seeing  (Tegami Bachi) – Mailman

In Lag’s world the act of delivering letters has high risk (a life and death situation sometimes). And because of that being a mailman or should I say letter bee is not an easy task. These guys aren’t simply carrying papers with words, but they transport emotions by the sender to the recipient.  Bringing not just words of promise but true sentiments of the people who have sent it.

saijouMikoto Saijou (Saijou no Mei) – Pediatric Surgeon

When Mikoto was young, he was saved by brilliant doctor. This inspired the boy to take medicine and became one of the most skilled surgeons at that! Mikoto excelled as pediatric surgeon & the hospital he went to didn’t have that due to it being too risky (since operation on children is delicate with their organs quite small to perform to, hence not  a lot take it as their specialization). But through Mikoto unwavering determination, he didn’t just revive the department but also received respect from doctors with his passion on saving lives!

rebornReborn (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) – Home Tutor

I was a home tutor when I was in college, I taught a grade 2 student, and let me tell you it was difficult because I had to come up creative ways to make her interested and had her retained the things I taught her. Unfortunately Reborn wasn’t like that kao_cheering. Reborn is Tsuna’s home tutor but in reality he was an infamous hitman and he was there to make Tsuna the tenth generation mafia boss. Under Reborn’s tutelage he whipped Tsuna into shape through his Spartan style of tutoring. (Oh poor Tsuna)

ririkpRiriko Hayakawa (Rere Hello) – Handyman

Ririko’s father is handyman—they all do task like buying things for their clients, cooking, cleaning, you name it. Unfortunately Ririko’s dad was sent to the hospital leaving her all the task he accepted prior to the incident. But luckily the guy on his father’s list was a boy, same age as her and seemed to like her cooking. And the way things work in shoujo manga it entails a romance in the making!

handaSeishuu Handa (Barakamon / Handa-kun) – Calligrapher

This genius calligrapher had it rough; he punched an old guy when he criticized him due to his work lacking originality. Because of this, he was shipped to a rural town where he met the residents that give him inspiration to create a masterpiece he can call his own! Creating calligraphy is not just a simple dapping of your brush in the ink and strokes it on a piece of paper. But each detail means something! Handa’s journey of finding his own style is worth reading for!

loveShiharu Nakamura (Love so Life) – Babysitter

The act of taking care of children is definitely a big responsibility (I took care of my niece and nephew and it was not fun all the times though I love them so much!). kao_wink Children have needs apart from they cannot solely take care of themselves. You need immense amount of patience to perform your duties well. But Shiharu passion to serve these kids their requests is something she did to the utmost of her ability. Her kind-hearted ways made way to the children she was taking care of (and perhaps not just the kids *winks).

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