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It was so hilarious in a way; so one night...

It was so hilarious in a way; so one night in November I was outlining my posts for 2018 (you know how I love scheduling things so I can do more stuff and it’s more organized this way, obviously) and just I got all of these ideas and write them all up (upon checking I have 20+ topics minus the ones I already scheduled (until June, yep I’m on the roll, people~) so I really, really love that I now do scheduling and note taking; to think I was so averse to the idea before because I foolishly thought it was too “professional” and I didn’t want to view my blog (or this hobby) in that regard. 

So yeah, that one night ideas came like great cool shower rain~ It was so amusing to me that I ended typing this post because usually I just come up with one or two topics and then I listed down in my notes and get back on them when I have the time to write it down. I think I already said my piece here (just in case you missed that out, I told there on how taking downs notes is essential to an easy blogging routine!) but this was amazing that I though it warrant a completely separate post!

Honestly my topics aren’t always interesting or important but if I still deem it valuable and I think I have something to say about it so I still list it down and type my gut out.  Of course, some topics takes more views (provocative ones do) but since I’m making this shindig for myself and my entertainment, I decided to make solid rule that if I have something to say regardless of whether it has great addition to the world or none (in short trashy mindless articles just because) I will still write it! Funny thing though I love all post ideas I’ve come up with. 

I started to write my own erratic articles after I removed myself from the book reviewing community. That was about when the blog was still rainyink…so I guess two years? It wasn’t one painful pull more like steadily and slowly shaping my blog to where it is now! And because I’m out of the cage, I’m free to conceptualize and add posts to my liking. This blog becomes really just a regular personal blog!

Now that I have also more categories to choose from I’m more open to writing—it was probably why ideas suddenly burst out! The wide array of topics and thoughts are possible! And I thought I’ll run out of things to say! There are tons more! Sometimes I forgot how opinionated I am or verbose I can be!  So I sit one night thought of things to say and realize I have so much to say! Still so, so much! It is why blogging is my thing~!

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