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I admit I judge manga and anime by its art....


I admit I judge manga and anime by its art. And obviously I like shoujo manga with ikemen as the love interest. But this one is different. Ore Monagatari by Kawahara Kazune (story also by the author of High School Debut) and illustrated by Aruko is different. This one had me laughing so hard and as well as empathizing with the character because damn, he’s so pure, you just need to root for him. But what I like the most is that it was different because the guy might not be the standard male lead, but he is without a doubt the coolest guy and has the purest heart.

Meet Takeo and he finally has a love life. When a girl was being molested in the train, our hero, the righteous Takeo swoop in and saved her. It was natural for him to do good deeds to others, even though sometimes he is taken for granted. He thought that the cute girl like his best friend, Suna, who by the way is good looking and popular guy but not really interested in relationships. But it turns out Yamato likes him and that is the start of their one cutesy and fun love story.


Ok, I admit I thought he was the side character. Because the manga volume cover that I saw first was a bit misleading (why is Suna is the focus and Takeo while big there but look merely as a background character?) so I though it’s about Suna and finally he’ll get the girl who’s not after the superficial things. But it turns out Takeo’s love story is much better. Yes, there wasn’t a lot going with the story. Funny tidbits here and there. Definitely no heavy things in there but sometimes I like this kind of stories where it just moved slowly but steadily (Hibi Chouchou and Honey (by Megumi Amu). Plus, it’s funny!

I love the crossover! I’m starting to like this crossover trend (I read Nisekoi & Haikyuu and it was really fun). This time Ore Monogatri and Ao Haru Riude joined forces. So if you want Mabuchi doing some uncool act and completely out of his stiff, serious mode, I highly suggest reading the crossover chapter. It was hi-la-rious!

I only read two volumes but so far it looks promising. So promising that I have to post something about it. I don’t give it justice but you guys check it out. I think the authors had cooked something really good and very unique

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