How about some music to spice up your bookish fix?

How about some music to spice up your bookish fix?

I told you guys before that I finally acquired the skill of listening to music while reading. If I’m reading a book I want my ears plugged with the volume somewhat high (particularly if I’m reading in public places, though that’s very rare thing for me to do). I want to mask the noise through music. I also listen to music while I’m designing/coding. I think I heard before that listening to music stimulates brain function. And oh boy, do I need my everything when I code. But I spend most time listening to music while reading. It became a habit of mine.

I don’t have eclectic taste. I usually listen to mainstream songs—even those I have no interest but forcibly got acquainted with it because of the popularity. I generally listen to Western/English/American songs, Filipino, Korean and Japanese. They’re welcomed companions while I’m reading. To be honest when I listen to music while reading, I want songs that I don’t or can only barely understand—like Japanese & Korean music. Although sometimes I still can’t help belting a song even if it is Japanese/Korean since I kinda memorize the romaji (romanization) lyrics of it. My main playlist is quite schizophrenic with songs of different languages and of different genres (I think I have few Mandarin ones, all thanks to Taiwanese drama I watched before)

From my latest stats; these are my top artist!

From my latest stats; these are my top artists!

I don’t have specific playlist when reading. Like if the book I’m reading is romance, the songs I listen to don’t necessarily need to be love songs. I actually just get my phone and let it play on shuffle. I laud people who come up with soundtracks (fan OSTs)/playlist for their favorite books. Man, you need to have extensive knowledge to make it fit the vibe of the book you’re reading. But as for me, I’m very lazy so sometimes I let Deezer/Spotify do its job. Speaking of, I’m so happy that apps like these two are around as it makes listening to music (legally) or find new tracks stress-free. I just recently tried out installing these on my PC and phone and oh my, I’m glad that I did!

I’m pretty lenient girl. I listen to any kind of songs (ok, not all as I’m not into hard/metal rock or something similar) that I find enjoyable. Listening & reading is such wonderful thing that I truly enjoy when done simultaneously!

How about you, what music are you into? Do you listen to music while reading, too? Do you create playlist for the books you read? Share it with me, I don’t bite!!! 695351ug3twpiwlh


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  1. I’m the opposite of you, I have pretty eclectic tastes in music! I tend to like my music to be a bit on the heavier side (I’m really into metal these days), as well as kinda weird, but I do still like mainstream pop music. I don’t tend to create playlists for specific genres to listen to while I read, I mostly just listen to whatever I’m really into at the moment or whichever album I bought most recently. I do sometimes get ideas for playlists based on certain genres, though! This was a great post, Mitchii 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Wow, that’s great! Metal is so intimidating to me so I shun away from this genre. I’m also that kind of listener, I have tendecy to repeat a song over & over again, haha. Sorting by genre is the easiest. <3 Thanks Louise!

  2. I always listen to music when I read 🙂 I prefer to have sound! I don’t make playlists, but I have a favorite list on Spotify that I listen to.

  3. Bodea says:

    I’m not really into a lot of mainstream stuff. I like soft rock, oldies, and indie. I also like a little bit of rock, but I can’t listen and read at the same time. I prefer to listen to music if I’m working in Photoshop or video editing software, crafting, and sometimes cooking.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I also listen when doing graphics in Photoshop but I tend to listen more when reading. It’s nice to know your choice of music. <3

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