I think we bookworms share many things aside from our obsessive love for books. And here I am presenting you some of them. (This data is purely from my observation only and meant to be just for fun!)


And while I told you before that I rarely use it because I read on one sitting, many bookworms showcase their wide range of bookmarks. From fancy glittery ones to cute animal illustration, it is without a doubt nice to have these things. Heck, I admit I bought bookmarks even for the heck of it.

Post it Notes

Because every important dialogue, scene, moment should be forever marked for easy access, post it notes is also a must for some readers. I don’t do this myself (I don’t like any kind of distractions) but I’m always amazed how diligent they are marking pages while reading.


Whether it’s from Starbucks or just from your kitchen, I always see beverage + books combination on Instagram which led me to a conclusion that drinks and book is a good blend (did you see the pun there, all hail to Haise as his puns are rubbing on me).


My poor eyesight is not because of reading, it is because of too much exposure from the computer. I have you know that up until first/second year of university my eyesight is 20/20. It deteriorates when I was in my later years in college after sleepless night typing a lot of case studies, report, and the thesis. I don’t know but I noticed some bookworms also wear glasses—is it prescription glasses like mine? I’m not sure; it’s a trend we do share.


I’m not going to include myself in this because my photography skills? Zero! So I don’t even want to buy those fancy cameras. But some bookish folks do have some amazing knack on photography and I’m legit jealous of their IG feed. It’s like they have everything. T.T


I confessed before that I can now read book while listening to music. It’s a talent I had acquired recently. Many book lovers however create playlist for their favorite books. I think I saw an abundant of posts about playlist to reach this conclusion.

Never ending TBR pile.

Pffft!!!! Do I need to elaborate this? It’s both joy and sorrow to have many books to read yet no time to do so.

Book Blog

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