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I usually just go fangirl mode very time I read...

I usually just go fangirl mode very time I read new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re. It’s one of the most amazing manga I’ve ever read. The sheer level of minutiae in the story always blows my mind. And chapter 7 just blew me out of the water once again. I can’t believe that we’re only 7 chapters in because a lot has happened already. I’m so happy with direction Ishida is taking, he’s not withholding a vital information to keep his readers glue to the story because I can feel and of course based on the prequel that he will drop more bombs in the future (my kokoro is ready!) and probably more astonishing than the one we have amazingly witnessed this week.

So, with everything that has happened in chapter 7, I’ve finally pieced all these things roaming inside my head. I’ve been trying to process these theories hovering in my mind and I’m going to pour it here in this post.

So the biggest reveal in that chapter is that Kaneki Ken is Haise Sasaki. But why is he with the CCG? Why does it seem he like he couldn’t remember? Was he brainwashed? Has amnesia? My answer perhaps is that he has psychological problem. I have to dig a little with my dwindling information of my days to my way on becoming shrink (aka college). I remember a certain condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I’m not really buying the whole brainwashed by the CCG even though it is also highly possible. For most parts, this route is for me a very anticlimactic move. So while I consider and I don’t this it is. I’ve always thought that Kaneki has serious psychological issues. And with everything that has happened to him, it’s nearly impossible to escape that with clear, healthy mind intact. But Kaneki has always been coping inwardly. He projects emotional pain inside and closed it off. In which I think is the reason why he might have DID. And we all know that Kaneki has been picking up traits/habits of person that left an impact on him (mostly negative) and adapted that as his own. Shiro Kaneki was a product of his stressful and violent encounter with Yamori. But given that everything that has happened to him, Kaneki again tried to suppress all things that are too painful for him thus perhaps resulting him erasing his very own memories.

But that’s one theory, the other one is the physical damaged his brain had suffered from Arima (Arima targeted a singular part of his body: the head particularly the eyes, which is so strange for me). There’s a chance he forgot everything because of it. There’s also a high chance that Arima did it intentionally to assess Kaneki. In which I believe that Hide did really purposely left him there.I’ve always thought Hide to be calculating person. Kaneki even described him that way, he just doesn’t tell people about it, but he’s very perceptive guy. I wouldn’t even surprise if Hide talked to Arima beforehand and proposed something. The way he fought after Kaneki was quite different than he did with him. The fight between them seemed a little off with me (different from his fight afterwards *see my observation above*) Maybe based on his potential plus his goal to defeat Aogiri, Arima might’ve considered this idea of making him an investigator (which also led to the idea of creating the Qs). Or maybe I’m reading too much into it (plus clinging to this tiny hope that Hide is alive).

I’ve always been wondering if removing ghoul organ on an artificial ghoul could be fatal? I mean, it’s not really naturally part of the human system. But then again I realized that the body transformed entirely hence their appetite become that of a ghoul. I guess reversal is not possible. (I actually answered my own question).

I think he went berserk in chapter 7 was because of what Nishiki had triggered within him. If these repressed memories were brought up suddenly, not only will it lead to confusion but it could be painful too as the sudden flow of information—that he couldn’t understand; it will be difficult for this person to handle. I don’t think it was using his Kagune. He was doing fine fighting, he did become cold (murderous?) but he still in possession of his marbles. It was recognizing Nishiki that did it for him.

Now that’s my theory, as for the Quinx, they were what they were described: human quinque. The way those suitcases hold kagunes inside that’s how their bodies were built in. They weren’t as ghoulish as Kaneki, though it is possible that they could be the same as Haise/Kaneki, thus regulating their RC levels.

Now, Arima’s talk. This is so exciting it might give us clues as to what happened after their fight in first series. Or if we’re lucky enlighten as to what truly what happened. I can’t wait. And ooops, I think I went overboard again. Oh well, if you found mistake, I’m just too lazy to edit it. Pardon the mistakes.


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