Blogger / Not exactly effortless but neither it's complicated; to me when I like it I make time.

Before I was this ATM (at-the-moment) blogger. Back when I was only reviewing books I tend to write review then hit publish. That’s it no fancy schmancy stuff I do prior to it (well except for the obvious that’s reading the book!) Then I branched out a little, went on writing stuff of my own not just reviews. But same things were applied; I wrote it the moment the idea hatched. Yeah, I’m spontaneous! #truekween  But my blog transitioned yet again and for some reason I became more polished an organized than before. I’m not letting my blog inconsistently produce content if I have the say to it! (and of course I do!)

I shared to you before the joys of being organized blogger via scheduling.  At first I went scheduling because I find my mental capacity to retain blog topic ideas to be poor. So I jotted down all the blog ideas or write them then and there and store them for future use.  I arrange them, and schedule them later! But when I re-launch again, I put the scheduling on the next level! I ended up drafting my post a month prior! And now that’s the whole world of organization I just got myself into!

In a nutshell, I find the time to blog because I made time for it! I love it, that’s why!

In a nutshell, I find the time to blog because I made time for it! I love it, that’s why! And it’s one of the things I don’t procrastinate a lot (but you know era 2014-2014ish I blog like one or two posts a month—it sucks! And there are times I blog almost every other day—and that’s also sucks to me! ) I managed to find a neutral ground, scheduling, drafting earlier (by earlier I mean free time) and let the WordPress magic does its job!

For people who blogs like me who don’t generate a penny with blogging! (it costs us and we don’t receive mucho dineros much to other people misconceptions! ) It’s a fruit of labor—it’s the love that drives us and because I love it, I make an effort to blog by giving a portion of my personal time! Finding the time to blog depends on you! For me, I always makes some time!

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