Personal / going traditional by 'writing' my thoughts in my precious journal!

Time to crank it up, fellas! Two years ago I wrote this post. Long story short, I failed. I was genuinely optimistic borderline excited to write down all those in my pretty brand new diary BUT! Laziness, procrastination and eventually forgetfulness prevented me from truly embracing the traditional journal writing route. But I give myself a good serious thought on how I will work it out—finally! And here we are!!!  (due to time restraint I don’t have yet a decent photo to share but I’m happy to say that I’m up-to-date with my diary—time stamp: 01/17/2018)

Unlike before that I buy notebooks in January and then plan what kind of journaling I’ll do (like bullet journaling or sketch note). Now, I decided to make everything back to basic! Just a simple diary. I write my thoughts maybe put some cute stickers here and there…if I’m in the mood I’ll doodle on it but the main objective is to write my thoughts of the day! I have never failed writing in my digital journal since I started three years ago (almost 4 years now I think). There must be something in it that I find easy and motivationally advantageous that I manage to do it consistently for years. I also noticed that words escape me whenever I sit down and write as oppose to typing down my thoughts on the spot. I’m lost for words hence I feel unmotivated. I decided to still keep my digital journal and re-write (or add more if I remember) on my traditional diary. Yes, it’s going to be more ‘troublesome’ & redundant but let’s just say I want to keep a ‘hard copy’ to put it simply. But unlike the digital version I integrated my mini bible lessons in it! So yeah, I took note of those aspects and tried my ways to implement it in my traditional diary! Making it now truly possible!

I enjoy hunting down washi tapes and stickers, sticky notes and they are fun! This is also another motivation for me (not like I completely didn’t try that before but now I found cute stores to buy those! Yipeee~) I just love how amazingly things turn out. As y’all know I want 2018 to be different than 2017 because I was almost helpless and dejected about it. *chants: positive, positive~!* So this might sound ridiculously small scale but for me it’s big step toward a clean & organized 2018!