As if my reading list wasn’t long enough, I’m here still thinking of adding more titles. Some of the series I’m reading right now are already over; I just don’t have access for the remaining chapters. So I still label ’em on currently reading. And while the others…I just need my butt gearing up to finish them (since they are already out anyway). But this is me slacking and procrastinating as always.

I’m regularly (and when I say ‘regularly’ means I’m up-to-date, following Japan’s latest releases) following four shounen series: Magi (Sunday), Gintama, Naruto & Haikyuu! (Jump). I have one seinen series as well: Tokyo Ghoul (Young Jump). As for the shoujo series: Hibi Chouchou and Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Margaret), Rere Hello (Bessatsu Margaret) & Skip Beat! (Hana to Yume). As for the rest I just wait for translated chapters (and some put on-hold for the meantime (like Hunter X Hunter & One Piece).

Anyway here are the titles, I’m quite interested to read that I’ve been hearing quite good press about it.


First, Shokugeki no Souma. I’ve been hearing many good things about it and it ranks fairly high in WSJ so I guess there’s something about it that people like. I for one is really liking the art and I only had a glimpse of it. It’s a cooking theme manga and I have fair share of these kinds and quite loved; Yakipan and Cooking Master Boy as examples. I have high expectations so I hope it better delivers.

Assassination Classroom has already picked up for license (guess there’s a market). I did watch the OVA and it wasn’t all the promising, although funny, it wasn’t memorable to me. I was told that I better read the manga first to better understand it.

As for Terra Formars, Gintoki made me do it. The guy has finally graduated from Shounen Jump and now reading manga that are more appropriate for him. LOL This is also running in the same magazine as Tokyo Ghoul. OVA of the series are out and I’m quite interested. I mean GIGANTIC cockroaches!!! XD


For World Trigger case, I might check the first few chapters and see if I’m committed enough to continue. It’s not looking good in the charts and it makes me worry that it’ll get cancelled soon. Then there’s the anime in January…I think? So yeah…

Then I have I have One Punch Man & Nanatsu no Taizai (and with anime coming in October) that I only read less than 10 chapters and totally forgot about it overtime so I might as well start again because it’s not like I made a big progress.

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