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Author:  Alexandra Monir Series: (Timeless #2) Published: January 8th 2013...

Author:  Alexandra Monir
Series: (Timeless #2)
Published: January 8th 2013
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Categories: Fantasy, Science Fiction

To put it simply Timekeeper is a complete disappointment and if I’m going to be brutally honest is a waste of good opportunity. I wish that Timeless was a standalone novel, it should’ve ended with Philip remained on his time and Michele moved on with her life in her own time. It might not be a happy ending but there’s a definite closure. Plus the quality of the story remained intact.

I waited for this novel for two years so I couldn’t believe how the story has drastically evolved into something very different. She should’ve stuck with Philip and Michele’s romance but no; the story took an unfamiliar route. The story mostly revolves about this bland villain Rebecca, her father and the time society. I think in some way they’re interesting but there’s a limit to what a story can focus. With a very restricted number of pages I find it odd that it tried to tackle a lot of sub-stories that affected the main one (that is Michele’s). I bet they’re important too but this book is short and if you tried to explore the other side stories too much the entire story will suffer. That’s I think is the problem with this novel.

I have major fangirling moment with Philip in Timeless. I loved the nice, gentleman and music enthusiast that he was. Philip was different here. For one, he doesn’t remember Michele. It took a good amount of pages before he remembered her. But like I said, it’s not entirely about them anymore and it kinda made him different from the Philip that I remember in the first novel.

I get the intention of the author to broach the subject and introduce us to the entire idea of time travelers and their unique society. But there’s too much in such a small vessel. It cannot contain everything she wanted in there. She forced the idea to blend with the original and it surely showed how miserable the outcome was.

I’m not saying that I hate it but man, was I disappointed. I have hoped and anticipate such awesome sequel in the work. If this is a trilogy (which I’m happy to learn that the story ended here, no room to ruin the good that was left because of this sequel) it obviously showed the middle book syndrome. But what bugs me is that why bother making the other things so complicated. She should’ve stuck with how Timeless was, explore a little bit, add something if it is necessary but continue the style she perfectly applied in her first novel.

Gosh, what’s left to say than to tell you good folks that I’m utterly disappointed? What broke my heart is that this book took years to come out only to have it messed up my good opinion of the book. I loved, loved Timeless. I love how she integrated American History there with little science-fiction going on and swoon worthy romance. But no, Timekeeper is not the sequel I’ve waited. This is not how I envisioned it’ll be. Have you ever had this strange feeling that you think that’s person you know when he left but it turns out a complete stranger when he comes back? That’s how I felt with this book; I’m not sure if this was continuation of the story I really loved.

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