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Title: Timeless Author: Alexandra Monir Pages: 304 Rating: Why, I...

Title: Timeless
Author: Alexandra Monir
Pages: 304

Why, I have a tendency to retract what I’ve said. When I said slow updates, I was referring to no updates in a while, but— well it seems not gonna happen anytime soon. Or maybe, the two books I’ve read are really interesting that I managed to read in my usual reading pace.

I read this book 5 or 6 days ago, and it absolutely caught my attention. I’m not really a big fan of time traveling story (because I don’t believe in that theory, and let’s just leave at there). But among the time traveling stories I’ve encountered so far, this one of those well written and really interesting.

It started a little— not really boring, but something in between, so when her mother died and she moved in with her grandparents things kinda picked up. I’m really fascinated with the life of the rich and pampered, you know gossip girl style. Especially Michele’s being an average Jane to Blair Waldorf status. Her mother’s family is from a rich family— business, mansion, see the picture? But when Michele snooped around the things from her ancestors that triggered her time traveling shenanigans, she went back to 1910 (a century back) and met her great-great (ok I don’t know how many ‘great’ should I put in) grandmother. I was really surprised that she took the I-go-back-in-time, quite easy. I mean, isn’t she supposed to be frantic? (ok, not that obvious, but you went back in time, common sense always says it’s impossible, hence fear of the unknown kicks in). Anyhoo, she met her grandmother and she introduced herself as a ghost that will help her, which in all fairness to Michele she did help Clara. Since, even at that time her family are famous there are parties (it must be a staple in high social class), at one party she met the man she been dreaming of— Philip Walker. But he was betrothed to her other great-grandmother Violet, and well she’s not born yet, not until 83 years in the future— a tragic love story from the very beginning. But long story short he canceled his engagement to Violet, and he and Michele spent some “time” together— even wrote beautiful music together. But when she heard that Philip killed himself, she decided to halt all her connection with him. She asked him to keep on living without her and pursue his passion for music (I think, it is jazz music which is somehow a taboo music; I’m not sure, just basing it from the book itself, and American History is not part of our curriculum here. Something just mentioned in our world history class, I think). But her time traveling didn’t cease, she help her other relatives from the past until, she learned that Philip continued to live on as a composer and now— married. And happy.

At first when my sister said that these things happen in fanfiction, I was— what could that mean? So I was, is Michele like Miaka? (oh no, I’m not referring to… what did I refer?). I digress, so I was saying, that when his grandparents weren’t familiar with Philip, I thought that Philip is not real (you know like the whole Tamahome drama). But it’s not (thank goodness). He is damn real.

I like how the story developed, and the ending, it was actually a good wrapped up. I was— ok, a happy ever after (in a way, she moves on, he also did, because their love is doomed in the first place); and I-don’t-think-there’s-a-sequel conclusion (if there is, it’s a different set of characters). But man, I AM WRONG. It turned out Philip managed to go to the future. How? Well, I don’t know either. I was practically surprised myself when I read it. So I’m excited to read the sequel (which is freaking one year from now). Apart from that, there’s something mysterious surrounding his father, that maybe he is also a time traveler like her (what? It’s in the genes? Apparently it is). The anticipation level is really building quite right. I don’t have anything against the book, just a few complaining which regards to my preferences, that aside, the book was highly enjoyable. And like I said, I don’t like time traveling as a subject but I like Timeless, so that’s says a lot.

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