Author: Myra McEntire
Series: (Hourglass #2)
Expected publication: June 12th 2012
Publisher: Egmont USA
Categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy

I received an eARC from Egmont USA via Netgalley. Thank you.

There’s something wrong with me. You see, I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I hoped for. And that’s a huge deal because Timepiece is told from my favorite character’s point of view.

I don’t exactly love the first book. It was ok. It was entertaining enough to continue. So when I saw it on netgalley, I decided to go ahead and read it. After all, the narrator this time is Kaleb and he’s my favorite character.  But he cannot carry the burden alone. And while I’m really grateful that because of this book I have learned so much about this guy; that there is definitely more to him. I just couldn’t pretend that I’m satisfied knowing it is about him. Because I’m looking for more (than Kaleb).

The story is very technical, there’s so much stuff in here. It didn’t help that, like some of the readers, I kinda forgot the story. But in all fairness the book did some little explaining (not thorough, so if you have forgotten what’s the story is all about, and what are terms supposed to mean, that could be a problem) and thankfully, after several pages in, I managed to remember some of the stuff that happened in the first book, particularly regarding Jack, the Hourglass, and their abilities (and maybe some technical terms, like for example the term ‘ripple’). I think that’s the only problem I’ve encountered while reading, other than that it was ok.

It’s so hard to compare this book to its predecessor. While I think the book still felt the same for me, it was completely different from each other. I’m not a huge fan of Emerson so it was a huge relief to read this in Kaleb’s point of view.  I liked how he narrates the story. Also, this one is a lot engaging than the first one IMO. It really shocked me when Poe did something to Em (I thought she was a goner), and his demands. The traveling and saving Michael and Emerson did in Hourglass (book one) led to a very difficult consequence (which involved Jack and the Hourglass). There’s also about Kaleb’s family, his mom and dad. So if you’re his fan (like me) you would definitely like this book.

I liked Kaleb and Em (romantically speaking, if I’m still not obvious about it). And yes, even though I‘m not fond of Em, I liked them together. So I was really sad and well, disappointed that Kaleb has a new partner. Lily wasn’t impressive; I don’t like her (as a character) and her ability. She’s just plain. I think her value as a character doesn’t worth that much (for me). She was there so Kaleb wouldn’t be partnerless. I’m not being bitter or anything like that. But I don’t seem to get them as a couple. They were flat.

I liked the cover but it doesn’t represent what the story is all about. But it’s a lovely cover nevertheless. Anyhoo, I might drop the series. If there’s a third book there’s a huge chance that I will not read it. If you love the series and this book, I envy you. Because I really, really want to like this book. But I just can’t seem to force myself. Oh, well, that’s life. *shrugs*