Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii confessed that she used to judge graphic novels by its art!

If you’re gonna ask the Mitchii of ten years ago, she will probably say yes—she is an art elitist.  She likes her manga beautiful, the panels well arranged, apart that story needs to be interesting! My requirements were pretty much out there. But y’all know I took four years absence from anything anime & manga, and concentrated in reading books. So when I returned I had tons of new manga to savor, it was an incredible feeling! But being a bookworm actually opened lots of doors to my then former reluctant otaku self.

Now, if you’re gonna ask the question to the now older (hopefully more mature) Mitchii, she will say not so much. True, I still love reading beautifully drawn manga but I don’t care so much about it anymore! I also used to be so confined with the genres and demographic—I didn’t read seinen series before—now, I’m open to try things! Yes, I look at the graphics first but what always convinced me to read now is the summary. I no longer hold the art too high & mighty! I don’t care if looks a bit shabby (or if it meant to like it. Some avant garde style if you must…) ^^ if the story is interesting I’ll still read it.

Everybody who knows me know that I love スキップ・ビート!  (Skip Beat!) But know what I was so so not interested to read  東京クレイジーパラダイス (Tokyo Crazy Paradise), author’s earlier work; because it wasn’t as polished as her art in Skip Beat! I was so not impressed. I was told that it was funny, and interesting, and all that, but I solely based my decision on the art. Fast forward to now, I tried it sometime ago and know what? I ate my words it was crazy awesome! It’s true, don’t judge the manga by the art work—which in all honesty is very subjective now that I think about it. Before, you wouldn’t see me reading 可人兒 (Kirai) but I actually liked it (sans that awful last arc, why mangaka-san, why?). I I tried reading webtoons, too! Being opened widened my selection! See, maturity, you guys, I have matured as a fan!

But I’m not saying I don’t have preferences anymore. Sure I still do, I still covet beautiful artwork, and in an ideal world I’ll be reading them first than those that sound interesting because sometimes I’m shallow like that. But beautiful shoujo manga had badly burnt me and made me realize art alone can’t save a well-written, a cleverly plotted story! It cannot hide those flaws!

So to art or not to art! You probs know that answer—now it’s mostly the latter!

How about you? Do you judge the graphic novel by its art? What kinda of art style do you prefer? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!