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I was about to type my series wrap-up since summer...

I was about to type my series wrap-up since summer anime series are now ending. But I was totally shocked when I open my RSS reader and the very first entry I saw has this title: Tokyo Ghoul Manga to End This Month. I might have double check if my eyes were deceiving me. My eyesight is poor. But there is that word, manga, and I now I’m ugly sobbing the whole way. I know the anime is ending but I didn’t expect that the manga will simultaneously end together. I mean, Sui-sensei, what’s the meaning of this?!

To the manga readers like me, we are very disappointed with the anime. No, it’s not great adaptation but I’m still happy that non-readers do enjoy it and even consider reading them. It’s an absolute joy for me that many people will like something I tremendously love. But who would have thought that the moment they will try (most of ‘em will read it after the anime aired) is actual entire run of the manga. I’m really upset. Not because I don’t want it to end but there are so many things left unanswered in the series. The latest arc if not added more question to the pile that already been there from the beginning.

Remember Kaneki’s words at the very beginning? How he sees his life as tragedy. I guess, Sui is trying emphasized that point. But this is tragedy in so many ways than his life. Tokyo Ghoul is one of those series that is cleverly woven that if you don’t pay attention to details you will miss a vital point that will occur later in the story. Sui-sensei also humor his readers with puns, the title could vary in meanings and that’s what I absolute love about it. I personally don’t read Japanese but I follow a forum and they dissect those intimate details and every time I found about it, read the explanation, it open my eyes. Throughout reading Tokyo Ghoul, my respect to Sui Ishida grows. As a reader, I felt that he leaves these clues for me, like telling me, come on, you are smart enough to put them together. I have high respect on author who treats their readers like this; like we are capable of thinking more than what the story is offering by face value.

Plot wise, there are really so many things that I still confused about. There’s Arima, who he really is and why he was so strong. Is Amon really dead? Hide? More importantly, Kaneki? CCG isn’t the righteous agency who only protects humans against ghouls; something dark is definitely lurking. The Aogiri tree, even Kanou hasn’t graced his presence after he fled. Then of course, Rize’s. I could go on and on with all the questions hovering in front of my head but alas, guess this is the end?

Is it too much to ask for sequel? But to think that isn’t Kaneki’s story anymore kinda makes me reconsider the idea. I also fell in love with his character, the fragility of his mind and how he adapts being these two different entities. It’s a wonderful story, one I don’t wanna end—at least not yet.

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