That is my question.

Ok, another TG related post again. What can I say; I love this series to bits. It’s my favorite series right now and I’m quite up-to-date to all things TKG so…yeah. As a very opinionated person that I am I’d liked to toss few cents out there. Every time a chapter comes out I have this gazillion thoughts plaguing my mind. I just don’t have that time to sit on it and pour my guts out. But I’m in desperate need to write this thought about Haise Sasaki. You know, the newest amnesiac protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul:re.

So what about him? I really, really love him. Like if I were to choose between Kaneki (both Shiro & Kuro) and Haise I’ll choose Haise in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong I love Kaneki, both his personas, but unlike Haise it took me awhile to love his character. It took a couple of convincing for me to truly love their personalities. Kuro-neki was really easy to like though, he was so vulnerable, he needed support and understanding as he transitioned to this new life of his. But when things were going ok, BAM Shiro-neki was born and with totally opposite personality with Kaneki that I’m used to. At first, it took me some time to get used to it. It was very fast evolution for me: couple of things were badass, still few things that were questionable. Sure, even though he changed I firmly believed that his humanity is (and still is with Haise) intact. Despite debatable mental state, I think this aspect of his is quite resilient because it remained consistent; and was even carried out to this new person: Haise.

Now, let me talk about Haise. I love him. Like so much it hurts! I’m always on the lookout for spoilers every week; have alerts when new chapter is out. Yep, I have that sense of urgency to read it. I really love :RE. More so than the original series. Granted that TKG was darker in terms of the theme (but I think it’s too soon to compare, amirite?) :RE has some sort of light feel to it (barely, just minimal & although this is far from the humor I usually get from my other action-oriented series, the tone is evidently slightly different). I’m quite hopeful, actually. Maybe this time it will have a good ending for our protagonist.

So Haise, from the get-go, he already had me on hook and sinker. I don’t know, perhaps the way he dress, his aura, his new found purpose? His style? Well, whatever it is I loved it! He even made me love CCG more than I used to back then. There’s something about him that I found solid despite his lost memories. Plus, I love that he has a purpose now. Unlike before, sure, he had good intention when he formed the group with Banjou & co. but I think he’ll accomplish more if he was associated to a group like CCG. Not that CCG is crystal clear with their objectives, methods even (and I don’t know what they will do to Haise afterwards, even though it hinted about something…really not good) but I think that being part of a group with clear purpose is better that his rogue team before.

Now that the sequel entered its biggest arc yet, many are anticipating the return of Shiro-neki and his centipede mode. And I was like, I hope he’ll be able to defeat high rank ghoul/s just with quinque. If it’s true that he sort of went some training under Arima; is it more of a true showcase of strength if he able to defeat ghouls without the use of his last resort? I think so. I really do think so.

I actually think that Haise will not remember anything yet. The story’s still in its early stage. And I also think that he won’t go berserk this time. I stand by my belief that the reason he was that with Serpent (Nishiki) because he triggered something in him. If the route does lead to Takizawa vs. Haise, the events will be different. First, they weren’t acquainted. They don’t have that kind of history like Nishiki and Kaneki do. There’ll big moment that might happen though. No, I’m definite that something big will happen. But not to the extent that Haise will lose himself again. But I’m undeniably on the hype boat if the match does occur.

So with all these ramblings, what is really your point, you say? That I don’t want Haise to change. I don’t like him to revert back to either Shiro or Kuro Kaneki. Haise, for me, has great a blend of the two. I want him where he is now and like his character he is now. He’s not passive as Kuro-neki and not callous as Shiro-neki. That makes him ideally better than the two. At least on me, Haise beat his former selves in this aspect. And if he ever remembers his old self, I wish he wouldn’t quit CCG. He is still Haise—that is his current self. That is what he is now. But in order for him to grow he must know his past. I know that too well.

Also, I don’t think Haise will be mad (to the point of wanting to kill him, no, a not to that extent) at Arima. When I think about it, he did give him a second chance. He was about to throw it away then (even with Tsukiyama’s desperate plead didn’t stop him) but he was given an opportunity to do something…worthwhile.

In short, I love who Haise is, what Haise does, how Haise does it, & where Haise is now. I think I hold such an unpopular opinion when it comes to how Haise will be (or who I want him to be). But everything about this new Kaneki is simply I love. Much thanks to Ishida-sensei.

This post is brought to you by Haise Sasaki’s recent birthday celebration.