If I watched Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 without any knowledge of the manga, I would have been probably still gleeful like I was when I watched the first episode of the anime. It has the spunk so to speak. But having read the manga and saw how fast-paced and different the order of events and of course the alteration of some details, one is to worry for succeeding episodes. It means that it’s likely to move this way for the rest.

I’m disappointed, there I said it. I was really anxious when Tsukiyama graced his presence far too early. I do like the pesky dude but I’m not thrilled that he already introduced and how events that surrounds (in fact he has an entire arc for this) happened. In some way I found it amazing that it managed to include many chapters in that 25+ minutes show. While I do feel that it was rushed, comfortably—just slightly, it wasn’t disconnected to me. But the changes really bothered me.

I think Touka’s participation on Kaneki’s growth was sacrificed here. Instead, we have Yomo training him alone. I think there was bond formed between the two whenever they trained. I am in fact not shipping them. This is one of the series that I do not want a speck of romance happening. But disregarding it ultimately makes me a sad panda.

For most parts, like my sister was complaining as well, Kaneki proved himself here despite being deceived by Tsukiyama and ended in this gourmet party with him as the main entrée. But it has a purpose: Tsukiyama had noticed Kaneki’s ability to pick up things he reads easily and apply it. It was the reason why he was able to par with the huge guy hunting him down. That was omitted, sadly, which for me was a big character development for Kaneki thus imperative to show.

Now, if we put things in order, the other half of the Gourmet arc where they fought inside a church, Nishiki, his human friend and Touka being involved, I have huge feeling that it’ll all wrap in one episode. Therefore if things will go this way, let’s say I’m no longer amused.