An attempt to lighten these thoughts running inside my head when it comes to TG:re. Oh, don't be scared with Takizawa!

An attempt to write down these thoughts running inside my head when it comes to TG:re. Oh, don’t be scared of Takizawa!

I’ve been contemplating whether to push this idea or just let it remain inside my head. But I decided I might as well do it; after all is this what I now wanted to do thus the changes, right?

I’ll try (the key word is try) to give my thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul:re per volume. The little detail that still holds me back is that I don’t get my copy as promptly as I wish (since I need to import this baby & I don’t like using expensive shipping method = too much for my wallet to handle). It takes 2-3 weeks for it to arrive (from Japan to Philippines).

Oh well, the careless me won this time and because my internet sucks major balls as of writing this post, that led me to go ahead with the idea. I’ll only highlight five points I deem relevant to address. I wish I’m better at writing because I’m so envious of the people of this fandom with how they write their analysis of this series. But I’ll just gonna write my sincere thoughts about it.

Takizawa Seidou is beyond salvation?


I get it, you’re scared. Because the fear you feel is different.
– Takizawa Seidou; Chapter 24

I read on tumblr that there was sort of pattern with TG:re’s volumes. The last person that appeared on the last chapter is most likely the face of next volume’s cover. So far that happened in both V2, V3; but I digress.

It was so sad to learn that Takizawa was now a half ghoul; but the being one was not only the most unfortunate that happened. Unlike Kaneki who still clanged to his humanity, Takizawa seemed to literally feasting on the fact that he is now the person he feared before. Gone that ghoul investigator who aimed to beat down Akira down a peg. One that idolized Amon (I’ll get to him in a while), he’s different—no longer human. This is the exact opposite of what Kaneki did when he became a ghoul. But it’s still too soon to judge on why he became like that. I almost think that he was just reveling the power he obtained but that was quick assumption on my part. I forgot about that years had passed by & judging from his looks, it could mean he was also tortured. A few fans speculated that he done terribly inhumane act towards his family. With Ishida’s fondness to leaving small hints, fans decoded a panel of what it could be; and to be honest the prospect truly terrifies me. Is the tragedy never ends?

Arima is both praised and envied by his colleagues.


That’s when I saw god. That is when I saw the unfairness of god.
– Daisuke Atou; Chapter 21

Arima is one the characters I simply ended up way too invested in. His ambiguity lures me every time. But one investigator broached the idea that Arima was also envied by his colleagues, most probably the older investigators. They had seen his incredible ability to combat ghouls. And even at a young age he curated many accomplishments; that he was blessed with skills far from them to achieve. And to them they had witnessed a truly unfair work of nature.

Saiko’s kagune.

I’m not so sure who is the monster now anymore…seriously.
– Naoto Hayashimura; Chapter 28

I know that it was also in this volume that Mutsuki had also revealed the true form of his kagune; but I wasn’t all too keen on that (although I did see that as major plot point as well). I was curious on Saiko’s kagune. If Ishida wasn’t messing us with that little skit with Saiko playing bartender with her kagune out, as seen from the earlier chapter; it is easy to think that she has similar (almost identical) kagune to that of her ‘maman.’ That moment sealed the deal to me that she wasn’t that weak (plus, previous chapter also mentioned that among all Qs candidate she was perfect one for the project). She took down nutcracker, who also managed to kill seasoned investigators. So how’s strong is she? Fan speculations floating round that it was possible she bears Kaneki’s kakohou. With the type of kagune she has, the possibility IMHO is high.

Is Floppy Amon?

The volume ends with a wrap-up of the auction arc. And that said chapter gave us plenty of things to think and look forward to. But one the caught my attention (as many fans did) was the hooded guy with similar built of a character we all too curious to know & to return; and that is Amon. It didn’t explicitly say that Floppy = Amon but that built, the revelation that this ghoul (or half ghoul if it’s indeed Amon) take part on cannibalism. And we all know who did that in the past. Take not that this ‘ghoul’ is against Aogiri.

Little Kaneki Ken is born.

Don’t erase me.
– Little Kaneki Ken; Chapter 31

And another Kaneki is born. How many do we have now? Kuroneki, Shironeki, at one point, Quinqueneki, Haiseneki…and now Shotaneki (some call him Babyneki). Haise is afraid of his past. To know what he had done in the past sprouted that fear hence pushing Kaneki on the side. But it turned out that like him that Kaneki was afraid, too. I think this was one significant turning point to him, beyond fear there was also yearning to know his past. To be honest, I’m not too fond of the theory of Kaneki + Haise. I’m more on Haise with his past. To me, Haise is a different character. I do want him to know his past, & to understand this part of himself and to move on from that. It’s in the past, what’s important is him today. If he manage to dowhat Kaneki & his methods didn’t accomplish then that’s what I ask for. I’m not into tragedy anymore. I want sliver of hope this time around.


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