Note: I was supposed to post this last night but electricity was cut off due the heavy storm. So here you go, better late than not posting. Right?

It’s been a while since I posted here. Don’t worry, my awesome readers, I wasn’t gone, I’m just doing something on the side (maybe designing for someone *winks, winks* and for myself? Yes, I’m a tease.). But since I can think of anything to post and I feel that’s been too long since I posted, so I get an idea to post a Top Ten Tuesday (I know it’s not Tuesday anymore and no, it’s not officially coming back, but I feel like sharing something here). If I wasn’t still not that obvious I’ve been watching a lot of anime. Let’s say that I’m catching up from the 3 years I was absent in this fandom. So I’m watching lots of shows that I’m quite interested, and looks like the shows that aired and currently airing are so good, I can’t help but to watch ‘em. And here are some of them:


(and NO I’m not ranking them so it’s in alphabetical order! )

top ten anime shows
Ao no Exorcist 「青の祓魔師(エクソシスト」 I tried watching it when the anime was currently airing but I became impatient that I hold it off for a while…until I forgot it eventually. Got to finish it this time, almost great but man there are fillers! It was ok, I just hope they stick to the original story. And yeah, this is about exorcists and lots of blue fire!

Gintama 「銀魂」 I know this series for a while. My sister loves this series (and now me too) and at times when she was watching it I tagged along but only the time when it was locally airing when I got to watch it steadily and finally saw Gin (the main character) serious. I always saw him goofing around so it was nice to see him so intense. And just in case you will try it beware there’s lot of dick jokes here, unabashed toilet humor and lots of breaking the fourth wall.

Haikyu!!! 「ハイキュー!」  I hate volleyball back in high school. I remembered when my PE teacher scolded me because I kept dodging the ball instead of receiving it. But I’m slowly liking this sport thanks to this show. I love how it emphasized on teamwork. And the characters? They’re all freaking lovable, most especially the MC, Hinata. He’s so passionate, naïve—so adorable! I’m rooting for their team because gotta love the underdogs!

Hunter X Hunter  「ハンターハンター」 I watched the first anime series back in 2002? 2003? They reboot it in 2011 and while I liked the animation in the original, I liked how close they are to the manga this time. I’ve been a huge fan of this series despite the numerous hiatuses (figures how long I’ve been with the fandom). I like Gon and Killua’s friendship, there something about these kids’ journey that I connected to. And well, Togashi-sensei is really an impressive storyteller.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic  「マギ」 I love this show! Like love! A friend told me that there are so many characters to love. And she was right, I love so many characters here. But I what really love is the Arabian Nights feel to it (which was the inspiration of this series). And there’s lots of magic! Lots of flashy ‘extreme’ magic!

Noragami 「ノラガミ」  I watched this series because one of my favorite VA (Voice Actors) was voicing the MC, Yato. The story is about this minor god (Yato) who wishes to have his very own temple. But until then he’s doing some odd jobs to make ends meet. Oh btw, he’s god of calamity so he can seriously kick some ass!

One Piece  「ワンピース」 Aaah, One Piece, the longest running series I’m part of and it looks like I’ll be following it for another 10 years. Have known this for a while (and by while I mean more or less a decade) but NO Odacchii is not milking his cow dry. He does actually know how to make his long running series work without suffering the story. In fact, sometimes I feel that entire story up to now is still short in summary. But most of all, I love how Oda emphasized on solidarity of the pirate crew. They really are a family.

Psycho-Pass 「サイコパス」   A utopian series which actually has functioning system. This is what I love about it, the idea of the story was really impressive. And like Death Note, this show made me question about morality. It’s really good; I’m excited for the second season! I need more Ginoza!

Shingeki no Kyojin 「進撃の巨人」 I think I’ve said enough love for this in this post.

Tokyo Ghoul 「東京喰種 -トーキョーグール-」   I AM IMPRESSED BY THIS SERIES, THIS SHOW, I CAN’T EVEN!!! The animation? Superb! The plot? Intense! The songs? the songs? My ear is treated with awesomeness! And I only watched the first 2 available episodes (it is currently airing). It’s about modern Tokyo and living among humans are creatures called ghouls. These ghouls eat humans, except for coffee, everything is repulsive to them. The MC, Kaneki Ken became half-ghoul. Whether he will cling to his human side or embrace the new ghoul side is what makes it so interesting to me.

And with that, here’s an announcement: this perhaps the last time I’m going to post any anime/manga related here. I decided to open a micro blog (still run on wordpress, I don’t have time to learn new CMS) for all things animanga stuff here. It’s very, very informal, posting some random bits here and there. Most fangirling so beware my thoughts are scattered there.

Oh, planning to post something soon. And maybe review a book *pushes sleeves* Yosh!!!


10 Responses to Top 10 list that I was supposed to post yesterday.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Blue Exorcist was a lot of fun! I’ve heard the manga is a lot darker, so I think it’s likely I’ll love that even more whenever I find the time to read it.

  2. Kezia D says:

    YAY FOR HAIKYUU! I was hesitant too in the beginning but every character gradually grew on me xD

    I’m beyondddd happy right now that you watched Tokyo Ghoul! It is an amazing series and I’m looking forward how they will animate the rest of the story. AND THE OPENING. I thought it suited the story really well it gave me chills the moment I heard it…also, it was the same singer as Psycho Pass openings 😛

    I don’t know Mitchii…I’m pretty bad at juggling multiple things so it’s no wonder that I haven’t been reading much — summer anime is taking over my life ><

    (P.S: Barakamon is pretty good even though it's slice of life, there's a super cute little girl in it and it's pretty hilarious! Nozaki-kun is also funny if you're in the mood for a shoujo anime :p)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m planning to watch Barakamon and I’m already watched the first episode of Nozaki-kun. Hilarious series, I may add! I also like Ao Haru Ride (also shoujo). But really, the summer anime shows are pretty impressive!

      You’re not the only who hasn’t read in a long time. I, too have been neglecting my TBR in expense of watching anime and reading manga. This is my first love so it’s really hard to juggle.

  3. Nikki @ The Paper Sea says:

    I’ve never watched any of these anime, but I just wanted to say that I’m glad you came to a decision regarding your blog! And as usual, your design on your anime microblog is beautiful!

  4. Ooohlalala! 😀 I’ve not watched any of these anime before either >< But I must, MUST start on Attack On Titan, mustn't I? 😛 And of COURSE, I LOVE the new anime microblog, which I'll be checking on (stalking xD) religiously because I want to see your recommendations 😉 And the design is beautiful as well! 😀 I'm so glad you followed your passions!! FTW! 😀 Go Big Sis! ;D <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      You should try it. They’re a fun series. I highly rec’d them. Thank you, it was done in a hurry so a bit messy in some places. Thank you lil sis!

  5. Most of these are on my to-watch list! I’m particularly excited for Tokyo Ghoul because I’ve been seeing both you and Kezia raving about it on Twitter, plus it sounds really creepy which I love. It also kind of reminds me of Shingeki, because both animes have amazing animation, a super intense plot, and OMG THE MUSIC. I’m still listening to the SnK OST right now and the feels hit me every.single.time.

    Ao no Exorcist: I’m all for exorcisms! I’m such a weirdo, I know, but I find them so fascinating. Hoping that they stick to the original story too, because even though I’ve never read the manga, I know what it feels like when the show strays completely away from the book. Hate it when directors do that.

    Gintama: I’ve heard a lot about this, but still have no idea what this is about. The thumbnail on your anime collage makes it look soooo interesting, though! I don’t mind dick jokes and toilet humor just as long as it doesn’t get too gross, haha.

    Noragami: Heard about this anime from Kezia’s post a couple of months back. I think I’ll watch it mostly because the VAs for Levi and Eren (apparently?) are in there, and I also watched the first episode and it was quite funny! I stopped because Mirai Nikki looked more interesting. 😛

    Psycho Pass: Yeah, I love the sound of the story here, too. I haven’t watched Death Note yet, but I know a couple of people who enjoyed it, so that’s a plus. I’ve heard that PP can get a little confusing, but I suppose I’ll figure everything out in the end.

    SnK: I’m just happy this anime is on your list. 😀

    Aw, kind of sad that you won’t be posting anymore anime stuff here, but I’ll definitely be checking out your other site! Love the name — it fits so well, and the design too. You’re just so talented, Mitchii. <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m so glad you will try Tokyo Ghoul. It’s pretty impressive. It’s a seinen series, much more mature and darker than shounen which makes it more appealing to me. It’s incredible, I think I love it the same way as Shingeki. It’s a great series. (Plus, the songs!!! Eeeep!)

      Ao no Exorcist: I prefer D Gray Man (it’s about exorcist too). But sadly the author got sick and cancelled it. This is fun series, too. I hope you’ll try it.

      Gintama: It doesn’t have a concrete plot. It’s a gag manga, so anything goes. Sometimes the author threw serious arcs and the fight scenes are incredible. Don’t worry Sunrise (TV producers) was kind enough to censor most of its ridiculousness, haha.

      Noragami: I liked it, but it was kinda short to leave a lasting impression. I might try the manga soon.

      Aw, thank you. You too! You Chri design fab stuff! A fan of yours as well! xD

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