Travel / off to feed the wanderlust; places I want to visit hopefully soonish!!!

I’m very blessed that I’ve traveled to few countries now (although you can’t really call me well-traveled, damn money is hard y’all! Frankly, I’ve never thought I will take that very first flight out of the country because while I fancy traveling before I thought it was not within my reach because I’m not rich. I had an impression traveling, particular overseas is something only rich/middle class people can afford.

But I did, the very first country I visited was Australia and have stayed there for two months! This is where my older sister lives now (she migrated there). After that trip I’ve been thinking of the possibilities. When my family, c/o my other sister’s who planned our very first family vacation, I’ve realized, yeah, traveling is possible even for me! After that first trip I’ve traveled four times (since I technically visited Malaysia twice—Kuala Lumpur and Johor). And here I am dreaming again about the places I really, really want to visit (as I promise myself to travel at least one country per year)

I think once you travel, there’s no turning back!  The urge to go visit and wander around different places will hit you hard and there’s nothing that can fulfill it than to cave in to your wanderlust!

I’ve been dreaming of my Japan adventures since I was in high school (ever since my classmate was chosen as an exchange student for a year). And yes, adventures, plural, I don’t think once will be enough! I have many places I want to check out like Yokohama, Fukuoka, Nara, Kyoto, and Sapporo among others. But before, traveling is too expensive (it’s still is) so I never actively pursue it. Thankfully today we have budget airlines, airbnb, hostels and the internet to plan that dream vacation to a T (by a T, I mean within the budget).  If Japan is VISA free for Filipino (which I doubt it would be, ack, some Filipinos need to learn how to follow rules!) I would have gone there the moment I got my very first passport (the one I’m renewing would be my third—ours before only last for 5 years). I’ve always been fascinated by Japan’s culture and the exciting fusion of both modern and traditional aspects, and well, apart from you know I’m huge anime + manga fan. *winks, winks* So yeah, it’s actually the country I would like to visit first (but it didn’t happen, hehehe sometimes life has other plans)! But that’s OK, our Osaka trip next year is pretty much a GO! See you soon, Japan! Check my Japan travel log here!
South Korea
No, I’m not scouring for oppa  (I’m practically an ajhumma LMAO ok, well not really…I think) nor am I heavily invested with k-pop and k-dramas (I’m not the hugest fan but watches and enjoy it occasionally) but ever since I got myself tangled with the amazing, wonderful, boisterous world of webtoons I become so fascinated with South Korea. I love Korea’s fashion and cosmetics/skincare as well!  They create every kind of products for every type of skin! I also love their food! So yes, I want to visit the land of oppa er, I mean the land where my fave webtoons take place! I want to immerse in this very beautiful country!
I know, I know! It’s an East Asian country again, what’s up with me??!! Actually East Asia as region has always charmed me. Taiwan, particularly is under the radar for tourist who wish to explore this Asian region! Aside from that, the countries I picked are countries I think is possible for me to go—I mean realistically. So East Asia is more or less 5 hours away from Philippines (my jetlag is a real struggle, no joke!) Taiwan specifically is only 2 hours away! And now it’s officially (but temporarily) VISA-free (I’m actually VISA exempted by virtue of holding an Australian VISA, an OECD country) I think my Taiwan fun vacation is real as it gets!!! Also thanks to Soma, I want to try Taiwan’s night market, eat some street food like 胡椒餅 and of course this is the birth place of boba tea so yeah I’m gonna taste the authentic 波霸奶茶!!! And you’ve heard Jiufen, right? Yep, yep—a must see! Check my Taiwan Travel logo here.
So yeah in short, I want to check the entire East Asia (I’ve only been to Hong Kong, that’s the glimpse of EA as far as my traveling history is concern!) This country is VISA free but no direct flight…which makes it expensive to travel to. My sister always ask me why Mongolia? I just want to see Mongolia because it’s charming.  My impression is that this country resembles Central Asia (which also fascinates me as Asian region, actually entire Asia itself is very interesting to me…well, cos I’m Asian you know~ ) but still has that East Asian flare! I absolutely adore their traditional clothing—especially the winter ones!
New Zealand
Yay! It’s in the Pacific again! Actually this place I’m not sure if I ever get to visit, although I do want to visit more place in South East Asia like Cambodia and Thailand but these place are too accessible so I saved the last spot for something more dream-like (both the place and the reality if it) I did watch Lord of the Rings (though I didn’t understand it—was too young then, I guess) and Taylor Swift’s video was shot in this beautiful country! It’s in the Pacific, too, and according to wiki “it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans”—fascinating, right? I think I’ll enjoy the fresh air, the nature and the beautiful landscapes! I actually enjoyed Australia (though I have yet visited some places like Sydney or Canberra) so I’m pretty sure I will love it here, too! IF EVER!!!

So there you have it! Yeah, I know that most of the places I really want to visit is within Asia Pacific. Although I do love to visit Europe someday…but they’re pretty hard places to visit if you don’t have the back account to handle it LOL. But these places looks feasible becasue (1) because it’s near where I live. And (2) as an Asian myself I am fascinated by the culture, tradition, and the scenery of the region. So yeah~ I really, really pray I get to travel to them soon!

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