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Author: Amanda Hocking Series: (Trylle Trilogy #2) Expected publication: February...

Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: (Trylle Trilogy #2)
Expected publication: February 28th 2012 by St. Martin’s Press (first published November 1st 2010)
Rating: null

I never expected to see Torn in our bookshelf this early, some bookstores here shelved books ahead of their publication date. It’s not really that early since this one was already published in digital format before.

What can I say? To be honest I don’t have any significant thing to say, so this is going to be just my ramblings. But in all fairness the second book was better. At least it wasn’t as flat as the first book. New characters were introduced, finally met this Loki guy. He’s interesting but I’m not completely swooned (sorry, sis) by him. A bit arrogant in my watch, but funny in a way. Yeah, so in short he’s ok. But Loki have more potential than Finn who I think was peg as her main guy (and I’m taking my sister’s fangirling over Loki a clue that there’s going to be a final pairing switch…) Finn is completely boring for me but I salute him for restraining his emotions for his duty. Don’t you get it Wendy? it’s the right thing to do. For that I gave him a plus point. But my point remains you’re a bit dull Finn.

While this one is better than its predecessor, the story for me still moved in a slower pace than expected. Nothing major happened (probably there will be in the last book…well, because it is final book. If there’s no climax to this trilogy, then I would be very, very disappointed. In fact I’m already disappointed now). The only positive thing I see in this book is that there were lots of things clarified. And I have to thank Wendy for that. She’s one inquisitive chick. Aside from reading history books of her specie, she asked a lot of questions. At least majority of the people she asked were informed enough to answer her. I just don’t like overusing this story telling device—answer and question. Wendy when in a conversation with someone that relaying information she always answers with another question. I mean, it’s ok from time to time, I get it, but successively? that’s a different story. Don’t believe me? Check page 179 as an example. (too lazy to type the whole part, Tove’s part was looong. ;))

Wendy: What? Why?
Tove answers.
Wendy: We killed him?
Tove answers.
Wendy: Why would Loki support the Vittra still?
Tove answers.
Wendy: How do you know this stuff?
Tove answers.
Wendy: How do Vittra powers differ?
Tove answers.
Wendy: What do you mean? Why?
Tove answers.
Wendy: Why would he do that?
Tove answers.
Wendy: Could you?
Tove answers.
Wendy: Why not?

See? But let me clarify, it is ok but a lot…? It’s just annoying. But if it helps to understand the story, I guess it’s alright. Since I’m happy today, I’m giving this one a free pass.

Overall it was okay. I’m giving it another half star for the improvement. I’m not really super stoked to read the last book. But it’s still good enough to continue. 🙂

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