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Author: Eva Morgan Published: July 2nd 2013 Publisher:  Self Published...

Author: Eva Morgan
Published: July 2nd 2013
Publisher:  Self Published
Categories: Contemporary, New Adult, Realistic Fiction
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When May Young transfers to Rothschild University, her new roommate makes her a startling bet—she’ll convince her CEO parents to hire May’s struggling mother if May can be the first to warm the heart of Sebastian Crane, their school’s top competitive swimmer.

Sebastian is gorgeous, genius, and a notorious loner with nothing but ice for anyone who tries to get close, including May—until she’s the only one there to rescue him from the ocean when an unexpected injury causes him to nearly drown. Sebastian demands his moment of weakness be kept secret, so May extracts a promise: she’ll stay quiet if he agrees to spend the rest of the semester with her and her best friend, charismatic playboy Tanner.

May’s curious, naïve nature begins to soften Sebastian’s cold exterior, and soon there’s no hiding the heat between them from an increasingly jealous Tanner—or from Sebastian’s millionaire father, who doesn’t want anything distracting his son. But the closer May gets, the more she realizes that Sebastian’s teetering on the edge. He’s in a losing battle with his inner demons, and May finds herself unable to pull away—despite her personal vow never to fall in love, and despite the fact that her roommate’s motives might be just as dark as Sebastian’s past.

You know what; I didn’t expect anything from it. Ok, that was lie I do have expectation. A very normal expectation particularly when it comes to New Adult books. This genre is as if manufactured with different label, packaging but the contents are all the same.  So there is something to be said with low expectations.  When you level the bar at its lowest you tend to appreciate the little significant parts.

Like the others it is also about a boy with tragic past and living his life with his icy exterior and indifference with others. He doesn’t want anyone to get close to him because of the mindset he has that person will be in danger. Enter the girl will break down this walls despite his constant warning. She’s insistent of breaking those barriers—to see the real him and in the process fall in love with him.

That is Sebastian Crane and May Young’s story.  May transfer to a new school where her best friend Tanner also attends. Tanner gave her a brief tour and she came across Sebastian who treated her with his usual icy demeanor. But she wasn’t entirely convinced so when her roommate Opal presented an opportunity to get close to him and at the same time help her mother with her career she went along. Only to find out that there is definitely more to him and those is breaking her promise to herself not to fall in love.

The good thing about this story is that the things I expected were weren’t. I have visualized Sebastian and his aloofness to be unsubstantial characteristic to make him deep. But no, he was really badly burned by his past. What I liked about it is that instead wasting his time doing some bad boy acts (for the ‘bad ‘boy’ effect) he consumed himself on the things that he excels. Talk about productivity. And the girl May. She is just fun and sincere. She’s honest (depends on the opportunity) as she is tact. I liked her. I liked that she has purpose to be with him instead to those clichés ‘they-have-undeniably-attracted-to-each-other.’ I saw how their relationship progressed. There was an actual development between the two and that made me smile more. The romance was nicely done not perfect but well developed.

Tanner the guy friend didn’t hide his affection towards his best friend.  But once again my expectations toppled down to ground because I thought he will fight and tooth and nail for her. But no, he gives way because he knows that if she loves him more than the idea of them together. He wants her happiness.

And I must say those chapters written on his POV were hilarious. The guy has character.

And Opal, as in woah. I did not see that coming.

Torrential is something different but still quite the same. It has the same components like the rest of the books from this genre. But what I liked about it is that I felt the genuineness of the story and the characters. It is written because May & Sebastian has a story to tell not because these kinds of story are selling like hotcakes.  One word: real.

Preview Quote: “I’m starting to think I love you. And that’s the worst thing I could ever do to you.”  — Sebastian Crane

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