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Title: Touch of Frost Author: Jennifer Estep Series: (Mythos Academy...

Title: Touch of Frost
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: (Mythos Academy #1)
Published: July 26th 2011 by Kensington Publishing Corp.

My sister and I share a lot in common, especially with books, like eight times out of ten. But this time our discrepancy shows. She likes this book, like 5 stars. Me? It’s average. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the book, but not as much as she does. But I actually see why she likes it.

Gwen Frost is attending Mythos Academy, a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids (as the summary says). Unlike them, she wasn’t sure if she fits in since she is a gypsy not a warrior. She has psychometry, where she can touch an object (or person) and it’ll show events surrounding that object and the person who hold, or own it. One time a student named Jasmine was murdered and the murderer might have also stolen the Bowl of Tears. She was baffled when her friends didn’t even show their concerns to their friend’s death. She decided to unravel the truth about it which end up with occasionally meeting Logan Quinn, a dashing Spartan guy. But there’s more than what it seems to Jasmine’s death. And she had the surprise of her life when she shows up one day… alive. And that’s not all she’s hiding a secret about her identity that will turn Gwen’s life upside down.

In my one liner review at goodreads, I said it’s like HexHall meets Percy Jackson. It’s HexHall because of the academy/school setting, and Gwen quite reminds me of Sophie. You know smart mouthed chick. I was bit… well, not exactly bothered since I’m 24 and shouldn’t by now bothered by this but I think it was bit much (like TMI of sort) when it comes to sexual undertone. I know kids are smart these days, but still it’s a bit over for me (maybe I’m a bit conservative, lmao). That aside, Gwen has a bit of Sophie going on with her. But I think Sophie’s sarcasm is bit clever than her. But I don’t have anything big against her character. She’s pretty much ok with me. What didn’t blow me away, or didn’t leave even a tiny impression was her supposed romantic interest, Logan Quinn. The Spartan guy. He’s a bit bland to me. From the way I’m reading it, he is this full of himself kinda guy but have bragging rights. What I didn’t understand is the ending, he rejected her. When at the beginning he was flirting with her, and was kinda dejected when Gwen didn’t allow him to kiss her. I mean, what’s wrong dude? And he’s suddenly, out of nowhere has a girlfriend. Where the heck did that came from? So you see, I can’t help but be skeptical of their budding romance. Besides, it wasn’t something worth looking for anyway. And it wasn’t romantic as far as I’m concerned.

If Logan is a bit flat for me, then Oliver is different. Waaaaay different. Have you ever encounter characters that had small participation in the book but left a big impression to you? Well, that’s what Oliver is to me. I don’t know… after I read it I was, hmmm he’s interesting. And by the way, he’s not even part of this book. He’s actually in book two. I just read the sneak preview of the sequel. And wow, he sure does left me… interested. And the curiosity bulb light had lit. 😉

So for the Percy Jackson resemblance was because of the Greek mythology. This is hard to explain without giving you spoilers. But trust me there’s enough mythology and shockers of Gwen’s identity to hold your interest. But unlike Percy, it’s not inclusive with Greek mythology, there’s Norse mythology reference in there too. According to last page of the book (yes, I do read the inserts, and acknowledgment page. Hey, sometimes the author writes funny and interesting notes) the idea of Mythos Academy came from Clash of the Titans (the old one) and some other concept that I already forgot (too lazy to look). I don’t know either of them but I must say it was interesting concept. The execution was better than I thought.

The sword Vic was so funny. Yes people, IT IS A TALKING SWORD. My sis says it’s like Morgif (in Kyou Kara Maou). But once again we’re differing in opinion; I say Vic reminds me of Crona’s (Soul Eater) sword. Although… it is still different. Bottom-line they are all talking swords.

Don’t taken aback with my rating, it is good. I just felt something is missing, incomplete that I didn’t devoured it as much as I hoped for. Regardless, it was a cool book.

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