Author:  Corrine Jackson
Series: (Sense Thieves #1)
Published: November 27th 2012
Publisher: Kensington Teen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

Touched came to me as another paranormal romance with a little twist that hopefully separates it from the bunch. And I was right. I hit it right in the middle. But that said, it is still nice read for me and since I didn’t expect it to be blow me away (with a very typical plot, I shouldn’t expect for more) I was still find it enjoyable.

I’ve read from some reviews and they kept comparing it Twilight with cover and the way the relationship of the two main leads had formed. But I’m agreeing with minority here that for me it wasn’t the case. Yes, there are similarities but so as the other paranormal books. We shouldn’t deny the fact some books do want to ride the Twilight fame. And I don’t see it as completely a bad thing. I loved Twilight and yes, judge me now but I love Twilight more than Touched. But I see both books as different entities that could be enjoy by the proper audience.

“Protectors found the key to immortality. If they killed a Healer, they absorbed her energy and became immortal. Her energy cured them of any possible sickness, including the greatest disease—aging. See, the war was never really about money. Oh, yeah, the Protectors were greedy, too, but what they wanted was eternal youth.”

As for the story, Remy has a power to heal people with her touch. But healing a person has a painful consequence: the pain of the injuries becomes her own. Asher is an immortal who could drain her power that could be also fatal for her. And you know what’s coming: they tried to distant themselves from each other. But of course that is impossible with their palpable attraction towards each other. And so as one line in a song goes “love will find a way.”

Three stars means I liked it. That is true, I do like it. But I don’t love it. The plot was too predictable for me. And the romance did not melt me into a puddle of goo. Which completely saddened me since a huge percentage of the book focuses on the romance. But I wasn’t entirely detached I can still felt Remy and Asher’s undeniable chemistry. And my wild imagination even hope that the brother also develop as another love interest. But that’s just me and me eagerness to complicate things (also known as the dreaded love triangle; why do I love this thing? I don’t know.) But I was still contended that it didn’t happen. I think their relationship was interesting enough to hold my attention throughout my entire reading time.

I think the book also suffer from dodging information until it reaches the conclusion. I don’t know how many books in the series but I’m pretty sure the thing I wanted to know more are in there. Usually, three stars rating for me mean I will read the sequel but I’m not excited, maybe I continue only to say that I finish it. While I do recognize the potential I don’t see myself picking up the sequel. For someone reason I was completely satisfied (or maybe I’m just really uninterested) with this one that I wasn’t so keen on picking up and knowing what’s next for these fellas.

This book was completely mediocre for me. I see things coming up. I don’t have the proverbial deer in the headlights moments which I wanted in books that offer the same thing as the rest of ya-pnr ones. Even just one single event. What we have is another story of a heroine who is unique enough to capture the interest of a brooding handsome fella and the odds of their relationship because of their current situation and how they’ll weather the storm. Yep, too typical for me.