I have all stuff lined up for the month but life has another plan—for all of us! I just need to vent, I’ve been dumping on twitter with it & I want something more pieced together (well, more of a word vomit). The result was this post. Everyone knows about the ongoing health emergency literally plaguing the world. Drastic measures are happening; in where I live the capital is on “community quarantine;” travel to/from is heavily restricted. People are panic-buying stuff; well, just the upper-tier ones who have disposable income for next few weeks while metro is on lock-down. For some of us, life goes on as scary as it is. Trying to survive amidst these trying times. And all the information coming in and out is making me stress out. But ignorance is not bliss during these crucial moments but it’s not wrong to seek tranquility in this difficult time.

I am a hermit! Most of the things I do can be done online, including work, so in a way I can do things normally. But what about other people? While I’m trying to function normal, the evident change in atmosphere is there and it affects us one way or another. Then we have officials…the lack of clear action from authorities is making me helpless. I’m enraged! I hate this feeling! It makes me wanna panic but I’m trying not to! I have slight tendency to over clean, now that tendency is on overdrive. Right now is not the greatest time to be a hypochondriac but I am! And it isn’t the time to lose it. As much as I’m cautious with my physical health, I shouldn’t neglect my mental health too. So I’m trying hard to find tranquility. I want to find some quiet. Something normal. Maybe I can do that when most suggested to isolate yourself from everyone else. Social distancing they say, but in our tiny unit, I don’t know about that.

I observed that this pandemic shows one’s true character. Some are out there just trying to survive harder than ever. Some choose compassion, bless them. While others are looking after themselves—just themselves. Some are up to no good, using this as an opportunity to take advantage of others. These are overwhelming for me to process, so as per Taylor Swift’s song goes, I need to calm down.

So first, I need to be cautious w/o overthinking about it. Sound simple but it’s kinda hard to do. I try to limit the channels and access when I want updates of the situation. The internet is vast and information can be overwhelming. I also try to do my normal things. I still read my webtoons and manga every night like usual. I still watch some of my shows. I listen to music. Watch funny cat/dogs videos. Drowning in some home makeover episodes. Designing my workspace renov once situation has calm down a bit. And ASMR cooking!! It’s therapeutic. Prepping my journaling which it’s been long overdue. In short, some normalcy ‘cos when everything is running out of their normal routine the only thing that keeps me calm is some semblance of normalcy. It’s not wrong to think of your mental health too, especially now.