Honestly, I don’t know how to describe 2017,  on one hand there were memorable things that happened, on the other there were some not-so-fun as well! If last year was meh, this year is ‘dunno’! Yeah, like I’m not sure what to think of it but it’ll be terrible if I say 2017 sucks because like I said there were good things that happened!

BUT!!! Even though the not-so-good kinda outweighed the good ones in my memory, I’m still optimistic with the year ahead! I guess, I felt super anxious about 2017 when it came last year that I kinda carried this weight and it pulled me down!  I want to remain truly positive! Like sincerely one not just a mere lip service! Like there’s work behind it!

It is why my resolution list was longer than I could’ve imagined; maybe because I want 2018 to be better! When I was listing it down even I was so surprised about the amount of things I want to accomplish! And I was very, very specific to some! I think there’s a drive to do these things because one thing I learned this year is my lack of motivation wears me down! And that’s why I’m eager to do things that I will find success—even though it sounds too egotistic, haha! Anyway, I won’t blame the year, it is I who will do things! It is I who will accomplish and work on it so I better step up my game! I have to!

Fave Nine! (Nine Favorite Blog Topics!)

If there’s one thing I did well this year is that my blogging routine has been so organized! I mentioned somewhere that I’d already planned half a year worth of posts (although I did something big—I’ll discuss this laterz). So when it comes to blogging, everything went almost according to plan! Not perfect because sometimes I made revisions and such but blogging wise, 2017 is the year I’ve completely become efficient with my blogging, especially how I schedule!

So my favorite posts of the year: I talked about being ❶ Certified & Unapologetic Mystic Messenger Trash! (February), this is the first and only otome game I played and I love it~!! I can’t wait for Ray/Saeran route this January. I don’t care if Cheritz is milking the cow dry but I still can’t get over this game! Next, a big blogging decision I made, I told you ❷ Why I renamed and what’s gonna happen next? (July) I also shared ❸ The Blogging Break Experience! (July). I haven’t taken a long blog hiatus since 2011—I organized my thoughts and made bold decisions! Also, another biggie was me totally quitting fanlistings, yeah ❹ So long thanks for all the fish! (August). Even with the changes one thing’s for sure that ❺ My anonymity and why I value it so much. (August). And of course another shoujo centric post, ❻ This is a Confession of a True Shoujo Fanatic! (September). I publicly declared my age and with that I shared ❼  30 things I’ve realized now that I’m in my 30s! (October) And I love charas so I discussed ❽ The Equally Important “Side” Characters (November) and finally part of 2018 resolution is ❾ Integrating Bible Lessons into my daily routine! (December)

Blogging Highlights!

I took 1+ month blogging break!!
  • Apart from my 7th blogging anniversary, I made another decision to rename my blog (again)! Yeah, I renamed again and I liked the new name: it short, it’s whimsical (my tagline BTW) and kinda me! I also have a brand new theme which I have no plans to change in a year! I know, how big a decision it is but I thought of this theme + brand very, very seriously that’s why I took— (continue below…)
  • A blogging break! Yep, I took more than a month break because I was in a sort of limbo back then? I guess like I had this old persona that I couldn’t let go but at the same it wasn’t applicable to the direction my blogging is going to, so I ditched the name and reassessed my blogging purpose! And wa-lah~ new name + new game! And I’m really satisfied with it!
  • I closed my comment form! I think my engagement rate isn’t that high anyways, filtering the spams (which are persistent) is more bothersome than it is to receive 1-2 comments per post! Hey, I love receiving comments but I’m not popular, frankly I barely get any nowadays—that comment page is just asking to be abused by bots so yeah,  there were more cons than pros so I turned it off! If you still like to reach me, you can like the post, or I use my other avenues…like twitter—although I’ve also decided to lock my accounts as well! Sorry ^^ I’m just being my usual snub, yes I am!

Stats, tops and more stuff!!!

Here’s again a non-scientific but sorta accurate charts of my reading stats!
  • I’ve already made this post about my reading stats for this year! I did some awesome re-reading, and it felt like a champion.  Of course I also made some new reads as well!

Once a shoujo fan, always a shoujo fan!
  • Speaking of which, I stopped doing “What’s on my Reading List?” and added that as part of my monthly recap! Sooo~ I already said that before but this THE ultimate recap it doesn’t hurt to mention it again!

Top Five Manga I Read in 2017: ① Dr. Stone (ドクターストーン) ② Black Clover (ブラッククローバー) ③ Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi (薔薇監獄の獣たち) ④ 1/3 (さんぶんのいち) ⑤ Houkago, Koishita (放課後、恋した。)

Top Five Web Comics (Webtoons) I Read in 2017: ① 그 해 여름 (That Summer) ② 아가씨와 우렁총각 (The Lady and Her Butler) ③ 순정 바로미터 (Love Barometer) ④ 대새녀의 메이크업 이야기 (Dolled Up) ⑤ 사랑스러운 복희씨 (Lovely Bokhee-ssi)

  • I’m trying to read a book y’all but alas it’s quite difficult for me, still (the graphic novel phase it still here to stay~!) But with Restore Me coming this March (like heck yeah~ Ms. Mafi you freaking rock~!) I’m pretty sure that I’ll read something for 2018! (I’ve read the snippet like gazillion of times and it hurts how much I miss these characters~!)

Personal Tidbits

  • What can I say about this year, RL wise? I was really moody and anxious for the most part…there was just so many thing that dragged me down although it didn’t affect my blogging…oh wait, it did because it also because of what I was experiencing that made me want to change things up here! Although at the last quarter of the year, my situation did improve so I want to carry that positive momentum to this upcoming year!
  • I think I spent my first year in my thirties pondering about lots of things hence I was super anxious and in need of venting out. At one time I decided to make a separate blog, called 3652 but things gotten busy so I ended up discontinuing it (like my other web projects—they come, they go, that’s why this blog is a miracle!)
  • I met my older sister and her family and we had a grand vacation last April.  I returned to Malaysia, this time in Johor for Legoland but we spent most of our time in Singapore this was technically my second time but this vacation was where we got to explore this amazing city-state country! We went to zoos, more rides as we visited Universal Studios! Then some exploring around Marina Bay and tons more! I don’t think the one week we spent there was enough to completely explore the city but I think we got ourselves super exhausted despite how we tried to maximize our time! I spent the days after at home lazing around because gaaaah~ super tired! But it was fun! My little nephew isn’t little anymore & he’s real cutie troublemaker, ahaha!
  • I think my Japanese has improved because I’m doing some translation on the side (shoujo manga for now). And it’s super fun! I loved translating manga and helping out people understand the manga that I also personally read. Not only do I get to practice my Japanese, it also kinda helps me with my English for proper phrasing and dialogues! It’s one of the most productive hobbies I ventured this year! Also I read tons of webtoons which also helps me with my Korean study. So I hope to continue this learning phase I’m so into it right now! Yasss!!!

Prayers, wishlists, resolutions, & some for 2018!

Let God guide our 2018!
  • Again my prayers are simple because I am contended with the simplicity of my life.  So just like in the previous years all I ask was simple things in life. Of course there are very, very specific I want to (I ask of) but if that happens that’s huge extra blessing, but with the way things are I still think that I’m very, very blessed. I know my heart and mind are anxious most of the time but I always keep praying the same things over and over. I know God is always there for me! Always!
  • I already laid my goals, challenges and resolutions for the upcoming year! And I’m very determined to tick them off of my list!  I’m not gonna slack anymore! I have to do things so all the plans I didn’t get to do this year will happen in 2018! I feel good for this upcoming year! And I know God is with me (us) every step of the way!
  • I’ll pray for you—yes, you! I’ll pray for you! As I pray for myself & my family, I’ll include you~ I pray that we will have a peaceful and prosperous 2018! If there’s anything that you haven’t done or couldn’t do this year (just like me!), I hope we’ll get to do it in 2018! I share you my positivism and let’s conquer 2018 with a bang! Let’s have blessed new year ahead! Push those sleeves, flex those muscles, tie those motivational headbands and shout “I CAN DO IT!!” We can do it!
Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.
— Philippians 2:1-2