When it comes to some things, I try my best to be optimistic! (for a naturally debbie downer that’s big!) But for me 2016 was kind, sorta, maybe—definitely…MEH? I was beaming with positivism and excitement when the year started but not everything I had in mind happened. BUT!!! It doesn’t mean that it was an awful year altogether! Sure there were things that I certainly wanted to blossom but it didn’t. But there were things that I didn’t expect did come! I am blessed! But if I were to choose one word for 2016, that would be “experimental.”

Fave Nine! (Nine Favorite Blog Topics!)

I borrowing the idea from instagram’s trendy post called #bestnine! I love symmetry so this fits the idea of the post format I was aiming for!

I celebrated the love month with special month long feature—01. Shoujo Fanfare (Feb)! I don’t talk too much about design but I’ve decided to let you beautiful fellas a peek to my weird design process in 02. And then another theme just bites the dust! (April). I finally systematized my blogging: I shared it via 03. My little adventures in scheduling! (May). Love borrowing? Here’s my little personal rule when I lend book—04. Dear kind person, please take care of my book! (May). I love languages so I tell you: 05. Why I love being a multilingual reader! (May). Aa a notorious manga reader I have some guide on: 06. How do I keep up with my manga series? (July). I’m also infamous shipper so I told you how I fangirl: 07. When your OTP becomes canon!! (August). But not all OTPs ended up happy so I confessed when 08. Not so happily ever after… (October) happens. And lastly don’t assume that my fave characters represent me, bcos 09. I’m not my favorite characters. (November)

Blogging Highlights!
  • Ah, more than half decade already, my blog is ageing pretty weirdly LOL (as much as I want to grow gracefully but the blogger behind it is immature beyond her years *shrugs*) I celebrated my 6th Blogging Anniversary! SIX YEARS! That’s like almost the same age as my niece! I’m excited for my blog’s 7th year!
  • When you blog continuously & consistently long as I do of course you’re bound to reach a staggering number of posts! I did it this year! I hit my 1000th posts! Aaaaah~  I’m patting my own back because I’m pretty happy about it! A thousand! A thousand of nonsense and yet some of you are still here! ありがとうございます!
  • I think I owe some of my productivity to scheduling! I’ve realized that it made my blogging super smoother now that I have things prepared! I managed to steady the routine at least on the last quarter of the year. But I’m bringing the momentum in 2017!  I have things scheduled up until June! Yeppers, I love blog planning! xD
  • As you can see my blog has become totally, as in completely different from how it was before! And while I talked about anime & manga a lot more, I also now open on talking about being a reader, a blogger in general! I think the restraints and hesitation were all gone that’s why my blog is breathing brand new air!
Stats, tops and more stuff!!!
Here’s non-scientific but I can say sorta accurate pie charts of my reading stats!
  • I’ve read zero books! Yeah, like naught, nil, nada, nothing, zilch, zip, ZEEEERO! But I read a lot OK? Like so many manga, few manhwa/manhua, several webtoons! So I still feel accomplished. I didn’t abandon reading…I just temporarily abandoned books in favor of pretty illustrated reading resources! LOLOL
  • I’ve written 87 posts for this year (this post included). Like I mentioned above I hit my 1000th post! *pats self* Hooray~ (although I’m one post short this year so nay? Haha!)

I already share you my best of the best! But here’s the “official rank” (not in alphabetical order anymore) but only the top five!

Top Five Manga I Read in 2016: 1.『ボールルームへようこそ』 (Ballroom E Youkoso) 2.『僕のヒーローアカデミア』(Boku no Hero Academia)『文豪ストレイドッグス』3.  『브레이커NW』(The Breaker: New Waves) 4.『甘々と稲妻』(Amaama to Inazuma) 5. 『僕だけがいない街』(Boku dake ga Inai Machi)

Top Five Web Comics (Webtoons) I Read in 2016: 1. 나의 빛나는 세계 (My Beautiful World) 2. 노블레스(Noblesse) 3. 치즈인더트랩(Cheese in the Trap) 4. 낮에 뜨는 달(The Moon that Rises in the Day  ) 5. 우리사이느은(Something About Us)

This is according to my last.fm stats! So accurate…maybe?

Top Five Anime OST! : (from my last.fm statistic) 1. ポルノグラフィティ — The Day 2. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION — Re:Re: (Single ver.) 3. flumpool — 夜は眠れるかい? 4. BURNOUT SYNDROMES — Fly High!! 5.tacica — 発熱

Personal Tidbits

Although my biggest plan didn’t pan out,  I still have next year to work my ass off! All in all there were things I loved about the year. Some were very memorable, some were heartbreaking and some were just good! I’m still blessed! Very blessed! Like I mentioned in my opening, 2016 was the year I was experimental! I tried new things! Fun things! Crazy things! Awesome things! I still want to look back at this year with a smile!

  • Perhaps my Japan dream vacation was postponed (しょうがない) but I still got to travel. I went to Hongkong with my younger sister! Yes, just the two of us! My first time to travel with my sis (last time I’m with my family). It was very tiring but kinda educational? Now that I think about it, if I pushed my JP trip & just me alone, I would’ve been lost!
  • Sayonara my twenties! I’m officially a grandma! LMAO (I come clean!) Yes, that’s a very recent photo! (during animax carnival) I often told I look, sound, and act younger. Recently during church service this sweet old lady asked me how was school? How young did she think I was?!  I mean school?! You know you have to enjoy life, think young (well I’m immature in many ways so *shrugs*) but seriously, I have gazillion of regrets in my twenties. I still haven’t find my place in the sun but I’m positive, so I will! I’ll try! Hence I said I’ll take risk!
  • Also a first! I attended my very first anime convention. My youngest sister (just in case you’re confused I have two younger sisters, this one different sister!) and I went to Animax Carnival! Two noobs walking around doing some games! It was fun! I’m planning to attend next year!
  • So to sum up a lot of first! My first time to read webtoons! And I loved it, I have found new obsession! I sometimes check series even though I don’t know Korean (and why I’m thinking of picking up Korean). I also joined a blogging community wide event! And for completely non-gamer like myself (I never did like playing games…maybe except neko atsume), I’m now fixated with playing otome game! Thank you Mystic Messenger for giving me a pretend love life!! I tried a lot new things so yes, it was kinda fun 2016, so shouldn’t let the mehs outshine the awesomes! Never forget the good things! There always good things no matter how big or small they are!
Prayers, wishlists, resolutions, & some for 2017! But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. — Isaiah 40:31 NIV
  • I have simple prayer for 2017. Like the same prayer I have for every year. I just want me & my family to be healthy and safe all the time! I also ask God for financial blessings. I know God will provide and always bless my family. With that I already feel thankful and wholly blessed! Of course I still have some prayer requests but I’d rather keep it between me & God. ^^ But I’m thankful for 2016! Super thankful!
  • I already share my goals and resolutions for 2017! So yeah, I have to work hard to achieve those! Ah~ self be confident!
  • So to everyone let’s have a blessed & wonderful 2017 ahead! Let’s make those goals & resolutions happen!

So beautiful people of the web, the floor is yours! What were your 2016 awesomest moments? I do love to know! Share it with me!