Author:  Michele Vail
Series: (The Reaper Diaries #1)
Published: November 20th 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

I received an eARC  from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

Undeadly has interesting and undeniably distinctive offerings to its readers. Well, for me it’s different but it didn’t perfectly go well with me. Some parts were truly entertaining, while some may test your tolerance but overall the book was still a satisfying read.

This book is about Molly and on her sixteenth birthday she dreamed of Anubis, the god of necromancy (underworld). Then her sister said that Anubis to-be necromancers are visited by him on their sixteenth birthday. Molly shrugged the possibility off but little did she know it was actually real. She received reaping abilities from the god of underworld himself. She saved Rick from his early demise. We found out that she’s been training as necro (according to her) but it really means is that she’s reaper. An alive one. Reapers were usually dead. Take Rath for example, the reaper who was supposed to reap Rick’s soul that day. On her very birthday party.

I think I have mentioned somewhere before that I loved reapers in different forms and interpretations. I’m glad that the book integrated new ideas in the form Egyptian mythology in its concept of reapers. The story didn’t lack of explanation to the how’s and that what’s of the reapers or how it connected to the lore. I was greatly fascinated by it. I was sure that with all the stuff and descriptions that I will find it confusing or the utilization of the mythology to the story will suffer. But I’m happy to say that for me it didn’t. One of the strengths I found in this book was it ideas was spot on. As well as it is riveting.

I think Molly tried to be the funny, sarcastic girl but the personality didn’t blend well with me. Our rapport as the narrator and as a reader is a love and hate relationship. One minute I was laughing, next I was annoyed. But most of the time I’m annoyed by her. She’s more juvenile that I thought and some of her actions were questionable. Like her infatuation with Rick for instance, they barely knew each other but she still saved him even though I think will jeopardize her in one way or another. And yet she still did it. An action I should consider a heroic feat ended me doubting her judgment. I know the event is the catalyst of the story, it wouldn’t reel without it but I was hoping that the person she was supposed to save have more importance in her life for it to be able to make it more believable. And have more impact to its reader. Or just me.

So we know that Molly likes Rick. She likes him; she even saved him from dying. But like I said it was a shallow relationship. Since my first impression of the two was lackluster, I didn’t enjoy the entire development.  While it’s too early to say (and maybe I was just thinking it too much since Rick was too boring) I think Rath has the potential to develop as another love interest. While I wasn’t rooting for the boy but personality wise I like smug attitude of this reaper than the shiny golden boy that is Rick. Needless to say, the romance didn’t really live up to my expectations.

This book reminds me of some books like Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey for the resurrecting part, as well as Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicle series for the Egyptian mythology. While some facets didn’t blend well with other aspect I still found Undeadly a truly good read and even consider picking up the sequel. I enjoyed how the first book ended with obviously more things to come for Molly. A definitely intriguing continuation.