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Title: Unearthly Author: Cynthia Hand Pages: 435 Rating: This is...

Title: Unearthly
Author: Cynthia Hand
Pages: 435

This is one of the 2011 new titles I’ve been looking forward to read. I’ve been more open to angels ever since I read a bunch of titles that revolves around this mythology, now setting aside my obvious religious stance. Though Unearthly is unquestionably refreshing, it somehow didn’t deliver all my expectations. Nonetheless, the book was a great read.

I admit the angel with a purpose is a nice twist. I really like angels here are not bound by love like most of the angels story I encountered. Although if you foresee a guy, a good looking guy to be exact, hunting your visions and you’re supposed to be the one saving his life – it is really romantic. It’s like destiny already intertwined your lives when you haven’t even met. But general speaking, the angels here live with one purpose that they must fulfill, regardless if it has any romantic implications. It’s just so happen that Clara find the boy she was about to save alluring, but I really can’t blame her – the guy is really good looking. But her main purpose is to save his life, the falling for him is just added bonus, haha.

I know it’s predictable that Clara will end up liking Christian, boy + save his life = romance. That’s a very basic equation. But here comes another twist – Tucker. I really like the dude, haha. I didn’t expect him to be huge part of Clara’s life (just one of those annoying guy in school, who call you names). It turned out Clara ended up falling for him. I’m kinda sad though that he is just, you know, a mortal. Who could have thought that bickering end up in a romance? People are right, there’s a fine line between love and hate, lol. But seriously, Tucker made Clara’s character a little grounded, a little normal in fact. The time she spent with Tucker is a must needed break from her angel agenda, plus it’s romantic in a way. A day with guy as birthday present, you know it will end up in something.

Christian on the other hand, uhm, what can I say about him… I like him too. Although there’s something clichéd with his character (being the perfect guy – good looking, popular, kind, etc) but the revelation in the ending is completely shocking. I didn’t expect him being who he is. Just stunned, in a very good way. It made me questions all the visions I’ve read from the every beginning, wow, what a good way to end and crushed my expected ending, because here I was waiting for that to happen. A really good move by the author to alter reader’s predicted ending.

Like I said there’s something a little off with the story which I can’t pinpoint what (I absolutely don’t know why. It’s really weird I tell you). And that’s the reason why I wasn’t giving it a full mark. But as far as the plot, character and delivery of the story is concern, it was good, though not nearly perfect but irrefutably entertaining.