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Do I dare disclose books where I am a black sheep? Why yes! So here they are!

I wasn’t also tagged just like Mel from Daily Prophecy where I got it from. But the questions are interesting and while reading her answers I was unconsciously formulating my own & since I didn’t get to finish the book I was reading I decided to do this instead.

A Popular Book or series that you didn’t like.

Stormdamncer/Lotus War by Jay Kristoff with fiery passion!  😡 It was a big slap on the face along with my love for the Japanese culture and language (yeah, yeah call me a weaboo now, I don’t care but this is a culture we’re talking about not some fictional thing you can bend as you please.) I found it disrespectful how inadequate the research of this book. For example, “sama” 様 「さま」is an honorific and should be used as such, not a standalone label: sama ≠ master (at least with the suffix alone). *smh* It feels to me since (not all) readers would know therefore not necessary to portray accurately. Give your readers some credits please (we’re not some gullible consumers that may not know the real thing).

A Popular Book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love.

The closest thing would be Twilight by Stephanie Meyer; as much as it has hoards of followers it also has—if not—equal numbers of haters. But I’m team “I liked it.” 😉

A love triangle where the MC ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. Oh my, reminiscing about it sends shivers to spine (as well as anger taking its head). I hate how the heroine kept on leading the two guys, flirted with them, made out of them and chose the other guy unconvincingly. But you know what’s worst? The author *killed him*(highlight the text if you want to get spoiled).

A popular book genre that you hardly reach for.

Erotica. I did read some, totally out of curiosity, but I was continuously rolling my eyes on how absurd the plot (or the lack of thereof) of these novels. Not my thing! Also, why is it the woman who always ends up begging?

A popular author that you can’t seem to get into.

Ooooh goodie, let see: John Green, Cassandra Claire, Sarah Dessen, Rainbow Rowell. I think I might have said my piece about it here.

A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing. (examples “lost princess”, corrupt ruler, love triangles, etc.)

I love “love triangle” so I will never be sick of it. And I’m quite tolerant with the whole “insta-love” thingie so upon pondering my bet would be: one dimensional best friend and inactive parents. While I’m not into large cast, I also don’t want that people surrounding the main character/s to be completely bland. I want them to have personalities aside from their default function to the story: supporting. I know they shouldn’t overpower the MCs but give them some life not just to say yes to the MCs whims.

Also what’s up with YA and their indifference to their parents? Parents can help you kid, they can be aggravating sometimes, but they can aid you. They will understand if you let them. There’s too much angst against parents I read nowadays. *sighs*

The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or TV show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

I couldn’t think of any movies/TV shows (<- I hardly watch TV series anyways) that is better than the original material so I’m going to my other passion which is anime/manga, I think Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April). I enjoyed the anime better than the manga; everything had come to life with visuals and music elevating it further. Plus, the animation studio adapted it very close to the material so as a fan of the series I’m quite pleased.

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