Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: (Shatter Me #2)
Published February 5th 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

I’ve been eying this book for many months now. Hunting down every giveaway, every teaser, every hint, every review, and every possible way to satiate my growing hunger for this book. So when I got the copy in my hands I almost cried tears of joy. I said, finally, finally I can munch down—as how Juliette will put it—every sentence, every word, every punctuation mark. Everything this book has to offer. It was flawless. Powerful. Definitely worth the wait.

Shatter Me series is not a love at first sight. Or in this matter, not love at first read. I was quite reluctant about it at first. And even after I finished it, I wasn’t completely blown away by Mafi’s peculiar writing style. I didn’t like Juliette and Adam. They were kind of weak to me. But I never hide my fascination to a certain villain. He has captured me in a way that even reason cannot be explain. And so I decided to read the first book again. Then again. And again. And I changed my mind. I wanted to write another review of the first book. That one was superficial judgment on my part. This book is something you should chew properly because you might miss the hidden flavors behind every word.

After indulging my curiosity of reading it again (and again), my view of the series had changed. Drastically. Not only did I love it, it has now become my new all-time favorite.

Some preface there, huh? Now let’s go back to Unravel Me. This book is amazing. It delivered every single thing I hope for. In fact, some of it surpasses what I have in mind. It blew my mind. My brain has scattered all over the floor and I’m picking the remnants of my destroyed organ. It was so good. I am now loving Juliette’s metaphorical way of narrating the story. I didn’t get the strikethroughs before or the all confusing choice of words. But I get it now. It is now something associated with her and her isolated, bleak, broken life. But more than that I loved how she’s changing. Her changes come in slow transition. Despite the pace, I love how realistically the approach. And yes, finally, the gloves are off!

Oh and Adam? I still find just the same. But maybe I’m just biased.

Another power shine here is Kenji. The man knows himself. I beg to disagree that he’s a comical relief in the story. He’s not all that. Although the funny suave this guy had me laughing so hard but when I learned about him on Castle, oh boy did that tug my heart. I liked how frank he was to Juliette. Someone needs to show her the reality of things. And I think, not only he’s capable of doing that (and he did a stellar job btw) but he’s in the position to make her realize things as it is. No sugar coating with Kenji!

”I think of Warner as someone who’s just like me, someone who was never given a chance at life. I think about how everyone already hates him, how hating him is a universally accepted fact.” – Juliette

Let’s name this certain villain now—Aaron Warner. No holds barred here. I’m letting go all my love for this guy. Call me crazy for loving this guy from the very beginning. Even without the knowledge of his past and only cruel facade. I still end up loving him. But then Destroy Me came and it changes everything. It proved my hunch about his character. He’s not evil. We found out the he’s just a survivor. His adage in life being “killed or be killed” had taught him to live his life the way it is. His wicked ways and cruel methods were forced to his existence due to his ruthless upbringing. Destroy Me is just sneak peek. He was, like Juliette, unraveled many layers of his being.


That became such a sexy word.

I think I mentioned the word sexy, so that’s the sign to my most awaited topic for this book: THE ROMANCE!

Yes, maybe I was crazy thinking about Juliette and Warner first. Then…maybe I’m not. Well, this book proved that to me. I don’t even consider Warner as the villain (his father is the villain here). He’s also just a victim like everyone else. Like Juliette, Kenji, Adam and James. Like the rest of the people from that society. The two share many similar things. They are surprisingly alike in so many ways. And after all that has happened in the sequel, you have gotta be blind and intractably stubborn to have not seen the undeniable chemistry this two have. I mean, electricity is just everywhere. And I’m not just talking about Chapter 62 although that one was scorching hot.

Physical manifestation of love aside, *coughs*Chapter 62*coughs* even Juliette plenty of times realized how Warner understands her like nobody else. Not even Adam. With Warner knowing all about her, she’s not afraid that he will run off if she shows the ugly truths of her life. And their mutual objective of knowing each other in many areas (yes, innuendo intended) made their relationship more plausible.

And yeah, we—she owe Warner one ‘cos without him—without his ability, Juliette is long gone. And unlike Adam, Warner can touch her without repercussion; in fact it was an exhilarating feeling for him. Another point for Team Warner. 😉

And you know how utterly devastated I was with Boundless so I’m crossing my fingers, pleading the love gods, here  down on my knees begging that that hopeless feeling will not have a repeat. And redemption will be sweet this time with Shatter Me series. After Mafi showed the way they fit together, I have come to one and only conclusion: Juliette + Warner must happen!  Must happen, I tell you. Plus the clues she left had me expecting positive things in the future.

looks like she’s writing something I like.

and there it is.

she likes the chapter as well.

These got my hopes skyrocketed.


and this…


Be still my heart.

It goes without saying that Unravel Me bested the first book. Awesome, awesome sequel. And Chapter 62 is sexy awesome (I don’t know how to wrap this one up). So yeah, it’s the best!