Author: Amy Plum
Series: (Revenants #2)
Published: May 8th 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers

I’m feeling tad ambivalent with this one. Is not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. It wasn’t a bad follow up either. I’m just a little…dissatisfied.

It’s not really a secret that I’m head over heels for Die for Me. I’ve been raving on how it changed my view on zombies. The concept of the revenants was refreshing variation to the standard zombies we knew. I dig the idea of these eternal creatures and their impulse to save lives (and they’re not rotting. hooray!) It also helped that the plot occurred in beautiful country of France. There were lots of things to love. Now in this book, these things are still there but what I wanted in a sequel was surprisingly missing. I wanted an upgrade, but I didn’t get that much. I wanted the same feel the first book gave me. That said, I still liked the book, I probably have expected a lot. And the sheer pressure of it must have decreased the likeability.

Like the entire book, I have mixed feelings with Vincent and Kate’s relationship. There were times that I find it romantic (borderline cheesy). And there definitely were times I find it over the top. In fairness to Kate, what I loved about her is that she thinks. I liked the part where she sorts the pro/cons of their relationship. But with that all that thinking she still arrived to a very expected decision (of course she will choose Vincent). Vincent said that Viollete and Arthur relationship is more on co-dependence (marriage-like without the benefits). Hmm, I wonder if the same could be said to their relationship, because it pretty much the same for me. (I loved them but too much is…well, too much).

The upgrade I was referring to was I wanted action. I wanted stuff about these revenants and their history. I did get that…eventually, but I’m a little dismayed that the only reason why I got that was because Kate wants a solution to their human-revenant relationship. I find it rather convenient also that answer she was looking for was so accessible (her grandad’s collection? lame!) I guess this book focuses more on the romance aspect rather the paranormal element. If only the earlier chapters have the same excitement as the last three chapters. Because there so much to develop: the VictorSeer (champion thing), numas, guérisseurs.

I’m sad that there’s so little of Jules here. That is all. 🙁

The ending gave me hope. I was really shocked on what happened to Vincent. I remember my sister commenting the she can’t believe it. I was asking her what happened (I have unhealthy obsession to spoilers) but she didn’t answer. Off the top of my head, he died (well, technically he’s dead but this time it’s the real thing as in point of no return). So what happened? Like what gossip girl always says ‘that’s one secret I’ll never tell’ so better read it, especially if you loved/liked the first book. The first half though wasn’t really that…fun. But I think it made a comeback with the ending. A little advice, prepare yourself for a cliffhanger.