Title: Vampire Academy
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: (Vampire Academy #1)
Pages: 332

As much as I am skeptical with vampire books I’m more intrigued by them. So what’s better way to satiate this curiosity than to read them, albeit the popular ones.

I’m not gonna lie, and it’s not a big secret anyways that I like Twilight, and it’s the only vampire book that I really like. I’ve tried other vampire books but sadly they felt short for me. I know it’s not groundbreaking or anything, but if there’s one thing this book that I think other books desire is it’s appeal, and it’s popularity proved it by now. It’s not a literary masterpiece, yes, that’s far from that and some people cringed by the mere sight of it. But the book left a great impact to the books industry, to readers; might be a fan or hater, and to the vampire genre. Sparkling vampires anyone?

They are lying if they said they aren’t, intentionally or not, riding its fame. No need denying it. We’re not stupid. That’s why publisher took risk, authors write it and there is lot of vampire book out there. Everybody’s getting what they want. Now, before this introduction becomes too wordy, I’m cutting short to the catch, do I think Vampire Academy is Twilight’s successor? No, not at all. The books are very different from each other. There’s only one similarity VA and Twilight has – vampires. And I think it’s pretty much it. Is it good? I’m not sure. After reading just book one I can’t say for sure. But there’s potential, I see it.

I was reluctant to read it, based on the summary alone I don’t think it’s something I’ll like. I love ya urban fantasy and this definitely with no doubt fall in that category but there’s something off about it, that it took me until now to try it. Now for the verdict? It wasn’t half bad from what I thought it’ll be. I still prefer Twilight mind you, but it was ok.

Rose Hathaway sworn to protect Lissa a moroi, a vampire royal. When they were caught, they were forced to return to the Academy. There’s nothing else Rose can do but to comply. She insists that she’ll protect her, and be Lissa’s guardian. They have bond, a link that she shared with Lissa and it’s is a great reason to be one of her guardian. But in order to do so, she was asked to train under Dimitri. And spending a lot of time with him also made her fall for him, which is a long shot since he is seven years older than him. And his responsibility seems to be his priority than his love life.

Like I said it was ok. Another 3.5, I was starting to be very meticulous and hard on giving ratings but once I like a book, I knock my preferences down the table and give it 5 full stars. But I just don’t have the heart to give 4 stars, much less a five. Maybe it’s just the beginning. It wasn’t a very solid start for me (hence, that pathetic attempt to make a summary). But I like the idea of two different vampires. A moroi are vampires that actually are alive, still drinking blood but quite humane. They don’t kill humans, but they have the so called feeders for their blood cravings. Strigoi in the other hand, just like moroi drinks blood but when they are turned into one, they drained a human’s entire blood. They fed humans and kill them in the process. They are dead, immortal, sort of like what we knew about vampires. That particular twist is what I like.

There are too many characters for one book. It’s kinda overwhelming. There’s Rose and Lissa, then Dimitri and once she entered the academy, piles and piles of characters were introduced. Not everybody is important but there’s too much for me. I do feel overwhelm by it, but I’m glad it wasn’t confusing. I have early favorites already. I like Christian. A lot. I just don’t understand Rose for hating him, I mean it’s pretty obvious he is the misunderstood type. Well, maybe that’s just me. Not to brag or anything, but I’m great judge of character (literally). And Lissa, if there’s a queen for damsel in distress she’ll rein supreme. She’s too much. Why did she get the good guy? Hmp!

My sister didn’t like Dimitri, at all. Ok so not all, but in certain degrees. She likes Adrian, and well for me, I haven’t read the guy, so who knows I might prefer him as well. We haven’t disagreed on our book guy crush, so chances are…. pretty big, I supposed. Now back to Dimitri, I like him, not massive, huge crush but he’s… nice. He reminds me of Ren Tsuraga from Skip Beat (here I go again with animanga comparison, but I think I mentioned why here). But at least with Kyoko and Ren, it’s 3 (or 4) years gap. Pretty near if you ask me. Dimitri and Rose, gosh, seven years! If you think about it, the gap in age is quite big, but in the long run it’s not going to be an issue, but right now it is. I mean, my parents have huge age gap, like twenty years. Yup, not kidding. So for me, I don’t mind it all. But her age now, I guess yes… for now.

So do I like romance part? Maybe, it is ok. If other people didn’t like it, for most part because of the age (but some are Adrian supporters. Really I need to get to know this guy already). Like I said, I don’t mind. So yeah, I guess I’m going to give my approval for now. Though chances of changing it after reading this Adrian guy might change it.

Rose, oh boy what can I say about her. Not really liking her. I mean, she‘s ok, she’s rough, tough, stubborn. There are times I like her, but a lot of times I was infuriated by her. Yeah, yeah, it was all the flirting. She is flirt by unreasonable/reasonable doubt. I know she’s beautiful, have voluptuous body and guy’s craving for it. But did she need to mention every time why guys look her way, I see the picture girl. Don’t rub it in. This is a huge statement but I prefer Dru Anderson (from Strange Angels) than Rose. I don’t know why (ok so it’s still the flirting) but for sane reasons, I think Dru is much tolerable than her. But I don’t hate her, for clarification, ok?

I like that Mead didn’t follow the typical explanation through dialogues but when the topic is bumped that’s where the logic follows. At first I was clueless of moroi and strigoi but with Rose internal monologues, she managed to tell me what they are. So yeah, that I like.

I guess for book one, it was ok. I am venturing on reading the entire series this weekends which I hopefully will finish so I can return to my stand alone (and new series). I just wanted to know the hype. Is it worth it? Yeah, I guess so.