Version Six!

(Version four didn’t launch because I don’t like it; it was too busy for my taste!!!)

I decided to splurge me another design makeover because it’s my blog birthday! It’s been six years now like wow~ I want simple, lots of colors, classy but me! So, here you go! I haven’t done three column designs, with two sidebars like ever and I’ve been playing a lot with footer, so thought about time to conquer that design endeavors! LOL  I hope it doesn’t look messy. Theme launched: October 1, 2016

As usual, huge shout-outs for these awesome, awesome sites that helped me mold this theme: a grid system used in some parts of this theme was from responsive grid system (because I’m too lazy to calculate the right dimensions. I like to do the easy way!). There isn’t lot going on here, I made the logo using playlist font ornaments! Logo font is Contento Script. Doodles like the diamond & the crown came from retro pattern downloaded from freepik. Webfonts are Old Standard, Rebel, Rokkitt and your good ‘ol Arial! And I think that’s about it! Thank you~ kao_kiss Design & developed by me! YAY!!!