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Author: Jamie McGuire Series: (Beautiful #2) Published: April 2nd 2013...

Author: Jamie McGuire
Series: (Beautiful #2)
Published: April 2nd 2013
Publisher: Atria Books
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, New Adult

I received an eARC from Atria Books via Netgalley. Thank you.

I wasn’t its biggest fan but neither am I its biggest critique. I find Beautiful Disaster somewhat in the middle, there are annoying parts and there are still undeniably entertaining parts. And I sort of blame myself for caving in to the nagging curiosity that will eat me alive if I didn’t give in to its command. It’s like how I felt when I read the unfinished Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. Or shoot me, condemn me or whatever but if ever Fifty Shades (the first book only) will be rewritten in Christian’s POV, I would read it. Yes, I will read it. That’s how powerful this part of my brain is on me.  So here I am reading the same story for the third time (I read Beautiful Disaster twice).

Walking Disaster is told from Travis POV. And I’m immensely interested to read his side of the story. I have these questions inside my head that could be only be answered by reading the book. I’m also a huge advocate of character redemption. So I’m giving Travis the benefit of the doubt he deserves, that maybe in some way, somehow that his irrational behavior has valid reasons.

But let me step back a little first, I liked Midnight Sun for the reason that it opens a lot of channels that were completely static about the elusive Edward Cullen. I understand his character a whole lot better. I liked Edward and I like Twilight just fine. Stephanie Meyer had treated the same story with Edward in mind and only him alone. The outcome despite being halted had changed my mind about him completely. I wish I have the same feelings for WD, but no, Travis was if not is the same as I was reading BD.

There are only minor changes in this book. Some were elaborated, some were condensed and few scenes were added. But basically it is almost exactly the same thing. But why do I complain, it really is the same story. But when I read Midnight Sun, I felt like I was reading Twilight for the very first time. The story is different in Edward’s eye. He has a very distinctive voice, vastly different from Bella. It’s not only about what he thinks when that event occur. It’s also how the author delivers the story that makes the readers believe and feel that it’s another character that was narrating. Sadly, I didn’t feel those things here.

And before I forget, I saw some minor errors because I’m pretty sure that Travis was referring to himself. ‘Travis’ shoulders?’ Dude that IS your shoulder. It still needs some editing.

If I got the purpose of the book right, it’s about Travis and how he saw things, and for readers to understand him better. Like I said earlier, does he have valid reason to act like he did? This book didn’t entirely help to clarify that point. Abby has hit Travis’ personality right on target. I was waiting for that moment that will make me realize that ‘oh, so that’s why he’s like that.’ But that didn’t happen. It’s all about him loving Abby—albeit too much. And I don’t think there’s much to prove on how he was insanely in love with Abby. BD had already established that. So when I finished it I was asking myself on what really is the purpose of this book.

But I do like it. But the thing is I have so many things I’ve expected of it. I think they didn’t explore the opportunity which is such a shame. But I do think the epilogue was a good idea. To finally solidify that their relationship is not just a spur of the moment. I actually liked Travis attitude about it, proving that he has what it takes to have long lasting relationship. I might not be Abby and Travis’ love story biggest fan but they do deserve a happy ever after—11 years. 🙂

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