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Author: Stephanie Lawton Published: June 7th 2012 Publisher: InkSpell Publishing...

Author: Stephanie Lawton
Published: June 7th 2012
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

“If you want vampires and werewolves, faeries, fallen angels or zombies, you won’t find them here. I know a real-life monster.”

Well, isn’t that interesting. But seriously the reason I picked this book up was because I wanted some good ‘ol story that doesn’t involve, well, those creatures mentioned above. This book sounds right up my alley, apart that this book hinted a May-December affair (and student-teacher relationship to boot). But the story wasn’t just about the age difference between the two (three actually) characters but on their individual problems. And yes, those are scary real-life monster.

Julianne wanted to attend New England Conservatory, a prestigious music school. When her tutor had a stroke, he was replaced temporarily by his nephew Isaac, a renowned musician. But as time passed by, she realized that she’s falling in love with her tutor. But it’s not just simply their age that hindering their potential relationship. Isaac has problem he left behind before he returned to Mobile. She too has real-life demons that need to exorcise. Two of them carry enough baggage to weigh the two of them down.

But meeting Isaac is a good thing because apart from she’s learning from a great musician; she also met people that helped her in her problems. Like Dave, he’s funny (and also great pianist too) and he’s very vocal of his interest on her. In fact, he was there when awful things happened between Juli and her mother. And when it seems everyone forsake her, he was the only person who stay by her side. But she’s in love with Isaac…

Holy smokes, that’s my first reaction when I finished the novel. I’m happy with the outcome but a little dissatisfied with the ending (I think it’s abrupt) hence the four stars. I also didn’t like the middle part, a little heavy and disconnected for me. But the ending was the one that stuck to me the most. Particularly, Dave’s note. I read it like over and over and over again (like five times). Looking back all he did for her and how Juli finally realized, it makes me super happy for him. Finally! I think the book lack finality to it, sometimes I like that but this time I wish that I got a glimpse of the guy’s HEA. He’s been waiting on the wing, doing the right thing and even though it looked that he had lost his chance, he was still there for her—even just her friend. Isn’t he sweet? So I badly wanted to see how it’ll go. An epilogue would be nice. It’s not that I don’t like the ending or Juli’s decision, because I really think it’s the right one. He deserves nothing less. He deserves someone…whole.

Dave eerily reminds me of a certain beautiful blond reaper (minus the curls and the pizzas). They have similar qualities (aside from they’re both blond). They both tried to hide their feelings through their humor and of course their unconditional support to the girls’ they cherished. *swoons*

But this is not just about the romance (but I really did love the romance, especially the conclusion) there’s Juli, she is emotionally unstable, and neglected. Her mom has issues and she was a victim of how her mom handles it. It made me think why she was attracted to older guys. She finds comfort on them. But I genuinely think they love each other, just like any same-age couples. I really don’t mind the age difference actually (my dad and my brother in law is 10+ years older than my mom and my sister). So I don’t find it weird. I just want to see them happy. 😉

I always don’t know how to end a review, so I’ll end this one with my usual ending remark: I liked it and totally recommend it!

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