So…life’s been hard for many of us? Omicron just spreads around crazy and we’re on hermit-survival mode again! Because I want to stay away from all the negative thoughts, and believe me you don’t wanna drown yourselves in it, fostering these scary, scary thoughts of not getting sick, I have to do something to ease my mind out of it! So ✨ anime! ✨ I am only watching 3 series this winter: Kimetsu, Shingeki, and Koroshi Ai! My sister marathon Naruto during the holidays and it inspired me to do my own: I’m currently watching Bleach, I know, I know—I’d forsaken this and had the gall to prematurely announce that I’m not touching the series ever, but here we are. Oops?

For the sake of full disclosure, I didn’t really start from the beginning nor plan to watch the whole thing that I missed! I only plan to watch key episodes (of course total disregard to fillers, ugh) starting from where I stopped before! As of typing this, I’m episode 290+ and man, do I miss watching Ichigo & friends (and otp 😙)! And yeah, take this as my preparation for the upcoming anime!

I plan to marathon another anime series after this…not sure what though? An old time favorite again? Series that I put on-hold? New one? I need to give myself that much needed relax time every night; away from catastrophizing.