Looking at the fall list, and again what lackluster line-up! I only have Blue Period to look forward to (which I’m gonna watch on Netflix since they’ll gonna stream it!). And while Kimetsu no Yaiba technically will air this year but it’s pretty much part of the Winter line-up for 2022! So I only have one? Which is an improvement (if I can consider it one) from last season that I didn’t have anything to watch (except for the spring leftovers).  Oh well, I think I watched almost all of what I wanted to watch in this list, while the rest didn’t air as expected.

I also watched Squid Game last weekend and it was pretty violent but good! ⚠️ spoilers ahead! ⚠️ And also pretty novel when it comes to brutal survival stories, I mean who would have imagined that playing children’s games will cause them dying at gun point! Brutal! I said this on twitter but favorite character was Sang-Woo. I know, the dude had swindled money literally costing him his life but for me, he was the most human. In situation where you are in survival mode sometimes you will think of self-preservation first and that was what he did! I was also so pissed on how he fooled Ali to his death but it was either Ali died or he did, and he chose the most realistic decision.

I was expecting a more psychological last match but they just fought and Sang-Woo ultimately gave up! Ah! I’m also wasn’t super into the ending but I was surprised that people expected Gi-Hun to just accept everything when what he survived was very traumatic and that money amounts to 455 lives? He won’t spend that money guilt-free, unless he lost his humanity which he didn’t that’s why the bet between him and Il-Nam made sense. It’s understandably real reaction. Anyway, it was only 9 eps so it was easy to marathon.