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Tuesday is for top ten list! Here’s mine! Top Ten...

Tuesday is for top ten list! Here’s mine!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they will post a new Top Ten list  that bloggers will answer.

And for this week’s topic:

January 08: Top Ten  2013 Reading Goals:

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 The topic for this week is about goals which I seriously sucked at completing. This is also my reason why I’m not making any new year’s resolution anymore. Not even once did I actually fulfill those, anyway. So I told myself, why bother? But I feel like setting up goals this year for my beloved hobby, see if I actually can do this, this year! *crosses fingers*

  1. Read more. RL is really hogging my time so that’s why I can’t read the books I normally read (YA, and from a book series). I only read are contemporary books because it is easy for me and my busy sched. I want to go back on those times. I sort of miss it already.
  2. Attend a book signing. I haven’t attended any author book signing, just like I haven’t been in an anime convention. But I promise myself to attend one this year. I saw in twitter which was confirmed by the author herself that she’s coming here in the Philippines and will hold a book signing. I decided to come, no matter what it takes. In case you’re wondering who’s the author? It’s Tahereh Mafi! The awesome woman who created Warner!
  3. Read books in our bookshelf. Aside from harboring lots of cheap e-books, I still have tons of books in our shelf that I haven’t even read (one example is the Harry Potter series). Will try to dust them off and flip those pages!
  4. Read the books that are sitting in my virtual TBR. I have to clean up my stash. And I put them on TBR for a reason, they interested me before. Now I need the motivation to finally pick them up and read.
  5. Try new genre/s. I usually seclude myself to young adult and new adult and sometimes adult books. But mostly are romances. I want to try something I haven’t tried before.
  6. Read a Filipino novel. I read a lot of Tagalog romance pocketbook when I need something light to read. But haven’t tried those thick and deep Filipino novels. Will try to read at least one this year.
  7. Read at least one classic novel. Not a big fan of classics but will at least try this year, especially the popular ones (e.g. Romeo and Juliet or anything by Jane Austen).
  8. Complete my reading challenge. From the past two years I completed and even exceeded my reading goals. I set for 100 this time and GR said, so far I’m doing a great job.
  9. Meet new bookworms. Pretty self-explanatory.
  10. Buy a new e-reader. I need a new one ASAP! Kindle, Kobo or Nook, hmmm?

How about you, what’s your 2013 Reading Goals? Share it with me by linking your blog post at the comment section below. :3


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