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It’s Wednesday again. What books are you looking forward to...

It’s Wednesday again. What books are you looking forward to reading?

Waiting on” Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that showcases much awaited upcoming releases.

Die for Her (Revenants #2.5) by Amy Plum
Expected publication: April 2nd 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format/Pages: Kindle Edition; N/A

Set in the romantic and death-defying world of the international bestselling Die for Me trilogy, this digital original novella follows Jules, a brooding, immortal French artist who has fallen in love with his best friend’s girlfriend.

Jules Marchenoir is a revenant-an undead being whose fate forces him to sacrifice himself over and over again to save human lives. He’s spent the better part of the last century flirting his way through Paris, but when he met Kate Mercier, the heroine from Amy Plum’s Die for Me trilogy, he knew his afterlife had changed forever and he had found the love of his life. Until Kate fell for his best friend, Vincent. Now Jules is faced with an impossible decision: choosing between his loyal friend and a love truly worth dying for.

And here’s a teaser to all Jules fan, courtesy of the ever awesome Amy Plum:

The air in her studio is heavy with perfume. Giulianna drapes her coat over a chair and turns to face me. I lift her chin with my fingertips and touch my lips to hers. She’s soft and warm. I pull her closer, feeling my pulse accelerate as she presses her chest against mine. She runs one hand through my hair and traces circles behind my ear with her fingertips. Our kiss deepens.

Guilianna starts fumbling with the buttons of my shirt, and in seconds I’ve torn it off and am holding her in my bare arms and we’re stumbling toward her bed unable to stop kissing even while we’re pulling each other down to lie atop the scattered cushions.

I know what’s coming next. I look at Guilianna’s expertly made-up face, sink into her catlike beauty, and then close my eyes and I’m kissing Kate. I don’t even try to stop it any more—this happens every time. With every girl.

I know it’s just a novella, but…but…but…it’s about Jules! He loves Kate. Oh my gosh!! This is why I love novella it gave us chance to get to know more about the other characters deeply.

How about you? What is your WoW pick this week?
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