It’s Monday again (at least at some parts of the world), time to set my reading priorities.

This is a weekly meme featured here—on my blog, where I present you the books I’m planning to read for the entire week. I decided to do this in order to declutter my ever piling TBR.

Second Third to the last ARC on my hands. I decided to read Spellcaster first since the publish date is already near. The last two ARCs are slated for the next two week and that’s it (for now) for me and netgalley. I’m not gonna request anything soon (no matter how badly I wanted to read it). My hands are full already. I’m doing great with my sched and I don’t want to ruin it with impulsive request. Anyway, I’m excited for the books I’ll read for this week. /now off to watch my bbs on Running Man. 😉