It’s Monday again! Time to set my reading priorities.

This is a weekly meme featured here—on my blog, where I present you the books I’m planning to read for the entire week. I decided to do this in order to declutter my ever piling TBR.

I believe it is still Sunday in some parts of the world, but it’s already Monday here. So here I am putting up my list. Here’s my haul for the week. I’m still not done with Article 5 but I’m planning to finish it later…hopefully. But I’m excited for my WOMRL this week. Look at my Week 11 set, awesome isn’t it? Although I promised myself not to request anything from netgalley but when I sent in my review I saw the title and I adore the first book. I just have to, you know? >.< For the two books, well, they sound nice. I’m particular interested to read Beastly. I wasn’t interested with it at first, but when I saw the repackaged version… I fell in love—with the cover. I think it is good if I read it first before Bewitching (which happened to be in my TBR as well). And Illuminate because I LOVE the cover (and the premise sounds promising). There. 😉

PS: It was really unintentional that book covers for this week kinda look the same (with girls in pretty gown theme). But hey, they sure are pretty. 🙂