It’s Monday again! Tuesday, it is now Tuesday. Time to set my reading priorities.

This is a weekly meme featured here—on my blog, where I present you the books I’m planning to read for the entire week. I decided to do this in order to declutter my ever piling TBR.

Maybe I should post this every Tuesday since I often post this meme on Tuesdays. Like for this instant. So…last week wasn’t a fruitful week, embarrassing to say. I only read one book, although I have two reviews up, the first one was intended for last, last week. I have huge thing last week that I’m happy to say ended yesterday. Now awaiting results. I have a feeling that I did ok (thanks to my mom who kept breathing down my neck, gawd so awful. So humiliating). But there’s a chance that ok, is not really great ok.  Or ok, ok.

*facepalm* Going back to books, I’ll finish Dark Kiss (and later this week if I have time The Sharp Time from last week’s set), after reading Taken at Dusk (since it’s my favorite series). I’m also happy to grab 4 ARC titles last week. Two from Galley Grab and 2 from netgalley. Yes, I know, I know I said no arc request but I’m weak. I’m human I cave in. Haha. One of them is Being Friends with Boys which sounds totally cute. And lastly Once Every Never; I haven’t tried the author’s other popular series. But let me see if this is good, then I’ll shelved it in my never ending pile of TBR. Goodness, self.