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Brand new week means spanking new reads. This is me...

Brand new week means spanking new reads.


This is me officially discontinuing Stacking the Shelves. Instead I’m showcasing books I’m planning to read for this week. Books that are about to hit the shelves for this week. I’m not going to feature all the books though. Just those I’m only planning to read. Plus, if I’m fortunate enough to have read the book and already reviewed them courtesy of the advance copies I received, I will also highlight them here. Just in case you need a little help deciding if you want to read it and want prior opinion about it, you are very much welcome to read at my weird reviews. 😛

I’m planning to read: (October 01 – 07)


*Atria Books (via Edelweiss) has granted an advance copy of Red Hill.I’m excited to read it!

Read & Reviewed: (October 01 – 07)



I hope I can keep this one up. I don’t expect the ‘Read & Reviewed’ portion will be stable on this feature since I don’t receive a lot of ARCs. I’m pretty lucky this time that I got these fellas and reviewed them on time (or before the release date. ;))


How about you? Eyeing anything new? Please do share it with me.  :happy:  :loves:

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