A great excuse to use my emoticons.

Bookish Emoji (えもじ) is an original meme here at Aeropapers where I’ll answer weekly prompt that is related to being a bookworm (or anything book/blogging related) with corresponding emoticons/animated gifs.

Here’s another edition of Bookish Emoji. If you noticed I changed the graphic because I really hate the one that I originally came up with. I decided to put something that’s lively on the banner itself to represent the meme properly. I also welcome animated gifs now since emoticons are very little (average size is 50×50). Now my excuses had been sorted out, let’s get this thing started; so today’s topic is:

For Week 43:

I might be doing something like this: when I predicted the plot twist

But before  I ramble again, let’s first define what a plot twist is:

One of the basic building blocks of plot, a Plot Twist is a sudden, unexpected change in the fortunes or situations of the characters, setting, or plot.

Plot Twists are usually based on the assumption that there is something going on that we, the readers/viewers/players, don’t know about; if we had known about it, it would hardly be surprising. When it is revealed to us, we are surprised and shocked. This includes hidden aspects of particular characters’ backstories or their personalities. (from TV Tropes)

Yes, I feel smart (and a bit of self-bragging) when I predicted the plot twist. It’s very important to us, readers, to make the plot twist unpredictable; so it’s a letdown if I can easily determine what it is. I needed to be surprised when that part is revealed. But there are little hints in there to clue us in (which is totally understandable so it wouldn’t look like it appears out of thin air) and also to motivate us to continue. And sometimes while we’re reading we come up with our own theory on what could happen; and there are times that we get it right but still it doesn’t feel predictable. Like, you know it’s going to occur but still feel surprised that it did really happen. And when I figured out this plot twist, I usually give myself a little something like this:

I give myself a self-high-five for a job well done.

I sometimes encountered plot twist that was injected in the story but felt contrived. Like it was only placed in there to shock the readers and not totally relevant to the story itself. It’s a major boo-yah! when that happens. I love guessing the plot twist and when I’m in it, it only means that I’m focused on what I’m reading.

So how about you, how do you describe your feelings when you guessed the plot twist?