Now that I have finally caught up with shounen series I’m following (with exception of One Piece, I’m still on Punk Hazard arc but I did caught with the anime. Freaking Bartolomeo stole my heart! He embodies the entire One Piece fandom!). I decided to read some shoujo manga on the side. It all strated when I finishing catching up with Ao Haru Ride (and I’m freaking scared because something is about to happen to my ship, but I’ll rant when the time comes). So I decided to check some popular mangas. And I did find some entertaining ones. (Hmm, thinking starting Gekkan, I’m really enjoying the anime.)


L-DK. I’m not sure what the hell does the acronyms mean but I’m not gonna search it. It was actually funny series. Boy and girl living together, boy teases her a lot then she fell in love while the guy pretends he’s oblivious about it. Of course there’s this usual shoujo shenanigans but despite that I actually enjoyed it. The art was pretty, the guys is bishounen (of course!) but I really like their teasing. I actually liked the girls’ father. Will stick for this.

I absolutely in love Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi. It kinda reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke (I actually compare any light drama shoujo to this one). But I liked the relationship of the MCs. Guy’s delinquent and the girl is an outstanding student. But they fell in love and you’ll see the ups and down. I liked that the guy’s not an emo-type. I’m looking forward for more chapters.

Hibi Chouchou. I saw this via another manga blog. And it sounds pretty cute. The quite guy and the popular but quiet girl. I’ve only gotten until chapter 10. Looks promising so I’ll stick around.

What really drew me in to Taiyou no Ie was the fact that love interest is older. He’s a brother figure for the girl and to be honest they look good together. He takes good care of her, more than her own family. But of course there’s her age and I’m smelling…love triangle? Oh man, I’m looking forward to it.

Then I also need to update the manga I follow like Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri and Love So Life. It’s been a while and the chapters are piling. よし!!!