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So the scenario is you read a book. Fortunately or unfortunately it has romance and there were two characters that were giving you all these kinda of romantic feels. You have that strong desire; that colossal wish that they’ll end up together. So much that you can’t get it out of your head & you start searching the web for more information. And then you stumbled across sites where people talking about it and realized there’s a fandom that exist and they also feel exactly the way you do. Ah, now you get it: you’re shipping these character and you’re what they called shipper! 😆

I’m self-confessed and proud shipper. I ship lots of OTPs even for stories that have minimal romance to it; if I deemed it shippable then I’ll ship it. 😉 That’s the way I roll! But I think I’m the tamed one (there are all sorts of shippers out there be warned). And for me one of the ways to express my devotion is to write them down. But what is it really like to be one? What are the things I feel/do when I ship a couple? Ah, you come at the right place ‘cos I’m disclosing some from my own experiences. And perhaps, we share the same feels?

I become uncharacteristically verbose.

I usually talk a lot if my shipping is concern, even for reviews. Have you seen my review of Boundless? I almost talked non-stop about my poor sinking ship and how defensive I was of it. I also loved discussing stuff with other co-shippers. I also try to analyze every minuscule detail about it. Elaborate sweet moments or just events that may affect my ship.

I see every moment precious.

Every little sweet moment is a joy to my soul. Whether they’re holding hands, talking heart to heart or just leaning on his shoulders: those are golden moments forever treasured in my heart. I admit sometimes I wear rose-colored glasses and see things between them more than what it is. But that’s how the shipper grooves. Especially if you’re shipping a couple in a non-romantic/minimal romantic story.

I treat their history in academic sense.

Have you heard of fan shrining? Or writing manifesto. Oh my, I did both for my OTPs. I write crap loads of stuff akin to essays, analysis, and rebuttal (if we have rival ship but I keep it minimum since I hate drama that ship wars bring; tip always not bash the other pair). I even sometimes took it further and researched stuff and tried to connect them to my OTP that may sound like a thesis. 😎 Yup, my dedication is fierce!

I reread, reread, and reread some more about them.

Nothing beats rereading, basking that glorious moments and reliving it all over again. It gives me enough endorphins that I can achieve through exercise. Yes, it is unbeatable!

I stalk tumblr or forums for more OTP stuff!

I love reblogging on tumblr! I usually check tumblr because I believe that is where the fangirls/fanboys are. I also check forums to see what’s going on or if any major development happens. And I as you already know I have total indifference to spoilers, so yeah I check spoilers if there’s something new happening to my ship. Every tiny bit of news is important to me!

And there you have it that’s Mitchii the Shipper! I may sound crazy shipper but I’m usually grounded. In fact I wrote a post debunking shipper stereotypes. You might want to check that one too!

So fellas, are you a shipper like me? What stuff do you do your ship? Is it outrageous as mine! Do share! No judging, promise~! choco2

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19 Responses to What is it like to be a shipper?

  1. Oh my goodness! I can relate to so much of this post—I, too, am an enthusiastic shipper of many (too many?) OTPs. I’ve been especially guilty of being overly verbose about my ships, treasuring moments and sometimes reading way too far into them, and Tumblr stalking. But I love how proud you are of being a shipper and how supportive you are of your fellow shippers! This is a wonderful post.

  2. Sarah J. says:

    Yaaaas! This is me. This is so me it’s kind of scary to see it out there. I’m the same way, but if I really love a couple that isn’t canon then I read ALL the fanfiction (Bethyl and Dramoine). There are some OTPs that give me all the feels just by looking at fan art, so naturally I look at a lot of fan art.:D

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Fanfiction is the way to go (not much of a fan but I know why fans love it)! For my manga/anime couple I also look for fanarts; it reinvigorates the fangirl soul. 😀

  3. It can be brutal! I actually did a post recently, Why My Shipping Life Sucks –

    I either get really obsessed or things don’t go my way. It can be fun though!

  4. And I totally do the Rumbelle shipping thing on Twitter!

  5. Emily says:

    It’s probably a well-known fact that you’re a shipper 😉 Heehee. And I read your Boundless review, and I agree with everything (Christian is my precious too… WHY CLARA.), and sometimes it’s just SO HARD when your ship doesn’t sail you know? Every moment together is definitely so so precious. BECAUSE WHAT IF THEY DON’T END UP TOGETHER?? Haha I agree with all the points you put up there 😛
    Love this post, Mitchii! I totally relate!!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      For the term shipping, hehe. Wiki is updated to trend. ;D Christian is soooo precious even after these years! T^T Yes, because we live for these moments (well, not really) haha! Thanks bb! <3

  6. Alice says:

    You’ve pretty much described my experience of shipping! I’ve not shipped too hard on book couplings, but I’ve had done some hard-core shipping over TV shows.

  7. OHMYGOSH this describes life! The worst is when your OTP doesn’t happen, or no one else ships your ship. Great post!

  8. I love this breakdown, and it’s so true! When I’m watching a show (or reading a book) and suddenly start shipping a couple, it’s like my inner-lens focuses. I’m suddenly Hyper Watching. I’m aware of everything, revel in everything, my eyes follow them across the screen (or the page) and I see everything. It’s like, the world explodes in vivid colors. Fandom gets more exciting. Discussions are more important, more dire, more interesting. The gif sets suddenly hurt. I love it. Even if 99% of my ships end terribly, I always enjoy source material more if I’m shipping a couple involved.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thank you! Yeah, we tend to pay so much attention to the littlest details. Shipping does help on making me enjoy the material more. 😀

  9. Ah, Mitchii. I am an extremely intense shipper. I attach myself to ships like a parasite, seriously.

    I love having conversations about my ships, especially with people who also ship them! I have only ever really had one “debate” about whose ship was the better ship for a certain character, and it was quite fun! I am protective of my ships, and the characters in them 😀

    I also write fanfic. A lot of it if it is a ship I adore. Most notable Merthur, Pynch, and Ozbert. They are my favourite OTPs ever. And they all come from different source materials (show, book, and manga respectively), so I have one ship for each source material! I adore fanfic. I actually prefer writing it to reading it, but I still love reading it.

    Like you I analyse every little thing that passes between the ship to the point where I can pretty much recount all the moments that count as “evidence” for the ship.


    • Mitchii G. says:

      LOL like parasite? That’s really intense. But I guess that way to ship is to ship hard or not at all. ;D

      I admire all these people who can write fanfic about the characters they like. I mean borrowing characters and create a new story. It takes talent and you guys putting a lot of consideration especially to the fans who will also read it. xD

  10. THIS POST SPOKE TO THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC IN ME SO MUCH. <3 I can so relate to you, Mitchii! I'm usually skeptical about romances (especially in YA books, unfortunately), but there is a small part in me that looks forward to them, I guess. And I think that has influenced my reality too, as you probably can tell through those DMs I sent you. Heh. *blushes*

    Every moment between those two lovebirds are indeed precious. I started reading Hibi Chouchou recently and goshdammit if it wasn't the sweetest thing ever. My stomach was fluttering with butterflies whenever Suiren and Kawasumi interacted or just looked at each other. It was crazy! And I'll never forget how much I had to contain my squealing when I first read Ao Haru Ride. OH MY GOSH FUTABA AND KOU ARE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. (< Virtual squealing for you, haha.) And then there's Akatsuki no Yona which I will love foreverrrr. I need more chapters and more Hak and Yona now!

    I didn't actually re-read any of the manga in which I shipped the characters hard, but I did rewatch scenes from the anime! And it still filled me with so many happy emotions even though I already knew what was going to happen. It's times like this that I really understand why fangirls scream "Kyaaaa~!" because that's all I want to do. xD And yep. Tumblr stalking is totally me. If I like a ship enough, I'll even try to find a nice wallpaper of it so I can put it on my phone and show the world how much I love it.

    I'm definitely a bit of a crazy shipper like you. I wish YA books had great romances like shoujo manga, but unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. 🙁 Shipping gives me life.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      You’re so cute, you know. Like after the things you told me, idk, you’re just became hundred times sweeter!!! Maybe that’s the effect?! とにかく、 あなたの新しい恋をがんばってね。 ;D

      Oh Meg, you made me want to marathon Akatsuki no Yona so I can savor again that delicious Hak+Yona moments!!! And yes, with Hibi Chouchou; they’re so freaking adorable. It’s very light romance that will inevitably make us giddy. Their interactions are so cute, so subtle. This is what I think is lacking in YA romance, everything is about…angst? Overly dramatic like that’s only thing to make it more interesting is to put problems when in fact sometimes reading about how it developed with delicate details is still swoon worthy.

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