Hey, I’m still not in the mood to write a review and I realized that lots of digital ARCs have already expired so there goes my reading pile. I probably minimize my request loads and  to have a strong will not to download those galleys that I’m on auto-approved. I have weakness for those.  But this post is not my lame excuses. Here’s something personal but still book related: I decided to give you a tour on our bookshelf (but mostly about the books we have). Yep, our bookshelf. I’m not the only bookworm in my family. My sisters, as well as my mom love reading (although my mom just reads tagalog romance book, Harlequin-esque kinds—and I do read them by the way.) So here they are:

My preferred format is always paperbacks. I think I only own one hardback. First they are expensive and secondly I have aversion to book jackets. Anyhoo, our shelves is kinda scattered, we have one in the room and the one above the stairs. We hardly put books near the stairs because it’s kinda hard to reach for them, so mostly they are storage for important documents, cds, stuff toys but there are still books there…kinda. Ok, I got sidetrack again, here’s the real tour.

❶ This is our main shelves this contains all our books (and when I say books I meant all our young adult books we purchased). My mom always asks us if we decide to sell them how much will they cost. And we always answer her that there’s no way we are selling them.

❷-❸ You noticed that third level of the main shelves is for manga. A few are scattered around in what I called extension shelves. These belong to me & my sister. Let me tell you mangas are way expensive than books

❹ The floating extension located above our mini stairs. (shelve 5 is also part of it).

❺ Above are academic books, while below are Filipino romance pocketbooks, mostly are Precious Hearts Romances & Special Valentine imprints. Mom & sis love it, I for one is very picky. I don’t shelve them in my goodreads it’ll explode my read list. (If I’m fast reader in English, I’m way faster in Tagalog).

My sister likes these Harlequins, historical romance books (from that bunch I only read the Regency).

Also this is our favorite Tagalog romance book shelf, where we keep our favorite titles. Yep, they sort a few, yes? Hey I did say I’m picky.


And that’s it. That’s our bookshelves, it’s not really that grand like others. My dream shelves are something like this:

If I have the money and the space, I hope we’ll be able to achieve my dream bookshelf. But a bookshelf is nothing without books in it. And every book in ours is precious for us.

Note: this post is edited by me 10/15. 😀