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What’s On My Reading List? Feb 2017

It felt like I did a lot of reading then I didn’t… I once again succumbed to the world of re-reading (you always cannot not find me rereading—I grab every chance I get). For brand new series, yeah, I didn’t do much this month. For several titles (ones that are marked with * to be precise) are actually those I tried before, dropped or halted then miraculously picked it up again and finally finished it.  There was something about last month that made me read all those series even though I thought I’ve completely severed my ties with ‘em. The desire to tackle them was so compelling that I decided to read ‘em first before I give my overwhelming pile (of unread manga) a much warranted attention.

*『あなたに花を捧げましょう』 Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou (Status: Finished / Completed): There’s something about Ohmi Tomu’s work that I find meh~  It such a weird thing because I love some steamy scenes + interesting plot line but for some reason it just so hard for me to start & finish her series. It took me five tries to finally finished Midnight Secretary (and others I started that I have yet to finish again!) Good thing this one was pretty short and somewhat OK. I’m happy to tick this off of my TBR list.

『あの子に恋する山田に恋した』 Ano Ko ni Koisuru Yamada ni Koishita (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): I love me some complicated teenage romance angst! And this one pretty much the whole package. I really, really want second lead though because I’m somehow feel sorry for the girl, pinning for the guy who is in love with another girl (which also has unrequited love with someone else). See romance angst indeed! But I found a new potential love interest! Oh boy, please save my sanity!

『薔薇とオオカミ』 Bara to Ookami (Status: Finished/ Still Reading): Jun Yuzuki I love your art but hot damn does your character look awfully (OK gor-ge-ous, still) similar (read this tweet) from her other works. (ETA: that’s why Koi wa Amaagari no You ni is really surprising. Oh, the anime is green-lit.)   But I’m kinda find this interesting on the aspect that it has supernatural element to it—since the series I read from her were more comedic/slice of life of sorts! Only 2 volumes to go!

*『覆面系ノイズ』 Fukumenkei Noise (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): Let say it’s my preparation for the upcoming anime this spring and somehow got inspired when I caught up with Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru! I feel sorry for Yuzu because he writes songs for her but she was using it to send out a message to someone else.  And even after 70 chapters the poor boy still there hopelessly waiting on the sidelines! These kids are giving this old lady some uncalled for love frustrations! Dammit!

*『カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる』 Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru (Status: Finished / Completed): Speaking of music, I finally found the mood to catch-up (actually February’s the month of catching up and rereading) and I seriously thought about what made me not read it the first time, the second, or the fourth? It was actually decent if I managed to ignore my art elitist mindset! (Admittedly wasn’t a big fan of the author’s art style). But I actually liked both MCs—I mean individually! The male MC was giving me an innocent vibe! I love he’s a genius composer with fragile self-confidence (this was where his story took form!). And the girl was not clingy, has attitude (the good one!) and positive! The news about the upcoming K-Drama by TvN admittedly boost my motivation.

『しかない生徒会』 Shikanai Seitokai (Status: Finished/ Still Reading): I’m definitely a fan of Morie Satoshi-sensei’s art and I was instantly grabbed by it and seemingly huge cast! It was a funny series and tons of interesting characters…but it gave me a lackluster feeling (I should’ve picked up (again) Hoshizora no Karasu instead.)

『執事たちの沈黙』 Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku (Sakurada Hina) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): I love this one! Super funny! Of course this isn’t the first (and def not the last) butler theme shoujo (manga/anime) series (what’s up with the butlers & maid themes huh?) But the author gave a very interesting plot to enjoy this over used device! The spoiled oujosama is in love with the butler? Yeah, somewhat—she’s actually in love with his playboy, unkempt persona! I loved how he tried to sabotage himself only for the girl to fall in love with him even more! What a man gotta do?!

*『たいようのいえ』 Taiyou no Ie (Status: Finished / Completed): I liked this series but when I first tried reading it I wasn’t in the mood; and as big moody reader that I am, that’s important! So when the said mood returned I finally got to finish it! It was a light romance, drama (not so much drama, super light feels level). It wasn’t spectacular by any means but those little light moments made it engaging~

*『わたしに××しなさい!』 Watashi ni xx Shinasai! (Status: Finished / Completed): I was strapped to the bed because I got crazy combination of cramps + food poisoning (yes, how unlucky) and this one saved my sanity by removing my thoughts on the pain I was enduring! Luckily while it isn’t all that great (pretty immature at times, and the art isn’t my cup of tea)—it was somehow entertaining!


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?